Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Back to business.

The stones were flying this morning and Audrey ran for cover.
Once she has transformed into an Audrey-wrap she calms down and eventually will disappear in there entirely.

Windows were closed but it's too cool this morning for the A/C so I just put the radio on and acted like all was right with the world.

Annie sat at the window with air-plane ears most of the morning. I needed to open the window for a moment and she sat through the noise not seeming to be bothered by it at all. I think she is used to the constant roar around here.
It was good to get back to business as Friday and Monday were a no-show with rain. 
After the stone work was done, the forms were delivered and set into the hole by a crane for the workers to continue with tomorrow. We are getting close to the end as far as the foundation is concerned.

I sat for a bit on the bench near where Simon's den is located. It's a good spot to grab a few photos without being in the way. A baby red squirrel appeared at the feeders, not at all bothered by the trucks and the noise, and sat on a maple tree branch for awhile. He, and I'm going to say 'he' because his interest in the construction was much like my little grandson's, sat intrigued with the movement, the crane and the many men yelling and wandering around. Without an ounce of exaggeration, he hung around for a good hour, eyes never wandering from the construction. I popped a few apple pieces in the feeder before going in and that got his attention. :) I hope this little guy hangs around. He is too cute for words.


Hope your week is going well.

hugs, Deb


  1. That's so exciting! I loved watching the mouse house go up and this will be fun, too, I'm sure! We built the house we live in so I know how fun it is to watch every step!

  2. I bet things will move fast once they get the foundation done! I know all about the "airplane ears" that Annie had today. Our cats are known for that whenever things change around here. Audrey looks so cute all rolled up. I'm sure that helps her to feel safer and maybe muffles the noise as well. Your baby squirrel looks so cute! We have a lot around here and they seem to be fairly brave. Our cats love to watch them play from the back door.

  3. The Squirrel...

    Whisky, frisky,
    Hippity hop;
    Up he goes
    To the tree top!

    Whirly, twirly,
    Round and round,
    Down he scampers
    To the ground.

    Furly, curly
    What a tail!
    Tall as a feather
    Broad as a sail!

    Where's his supper?
    In the shell,
    Snappity, Crackity,
    Out it fell...! :).

  4. Thanks for sharing your house construction with us. Poor Audrey.

  5. I know the progress has you smiling along with that cute squirrel!! Annie Belle let Scout pet her this week so that is progress. Scout wanted to hold her 'hands' and check out her 'toes' but Annie swatted her. Scout's sad face was adorable. I told her cats don't like their paws held sometimes (no claws in the swat). She still loves Annie and My Mom's old kitty Sam. Hugs!

  6. Annie's curious about what's going on. Audrey must feel quite safe burrowed away.

  7. Moving along at lightning speed, I'm smiling at the cats. One more curious than the other :)
    What a lovely little squirrel and quite the cheeky boy !
    It's a good thing to document your house progress for prosperity.
    Have a great week Deb.

  8. Most of my cats aren't scared of construction noises, though it does annoy them, I think. Cammie is afraid of thunder but not of anything that sounds like it. Their fears are, like ours, inexplicable sometimes.

    That apple in the squirrel's mouth would be the size of a washroom basin to us. Plenty of good eats in that neighbourhood.

  9. Mercy that looks like complete and utter chaos! ha ha LOL---but it will be so worth it, right? What a sweet little baby squirrel, oh my gosh, love that picture of him with his treasure....beyond cute!--great picture there!

  10. Love your little squirrel and also the contrast between your girls! The curious one and the hermit! Oh, Deb -- a big job but a fascinating one to watch!

  11. Glad you snapped photos of that wee squirrel...he's just too sweet!

  12. Things seem to be moving along nicely. Let's hope the weather holds.

  13. What a beautiful squirrel! There is a forest near my home, there is a lot of squirrels, but they're all grey!