Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Miss nosey pants and progress.

The ladies have changed their brand of dry food lately and Audrey is seen here reading the ingredients.
She always has her nose in everything.
She is not happy that there is no chippy or mouse in the list.
She's always wanted to try one. :-b 

It's called Open Farm

Dry kibble is only dished out as a treat here. Perhaps a quarter cup throughout the day. Both cats eat mostly canned food and Annie enjoys a bit of fish or chicken when the opportunity presents itself. Audrey will have NOTHING to do with food that would possibly be enjoyed by humans. *blah*

My free chair was repaired and painted and for now sits under the little maples in the wood-lot. It is there for me to sit at if I am tidying up the flowers at our family pet cemetery or for the grandittles to rest on in between running themselves ragged through the lot. I'll bring it inside once the weather gets cold.

       Have a seat but wear some bug spray. 

We have many visiting birds these days.
They especially enjoy the bird baths.

Mama-to-be house wren sang her little heart out his morning.

Then, as workers began to arrive, she fled to the maples and will stay there until the noise has subsided. She will return to her house for the evening; entertaining us once again with her song.
She is a brave little bird.
I love her already.

Now, the not-so-pretty stuff.
(taken early this morning)

The workers are still out there and the temps have reached
Stinkin' hot, it is.
 I appreciate their hard work and am heading out with some cold lemonade.
There's been lots of progress today.
Things are moving along nicely.

"Keep cool"

hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey, you are a smart cookie! Love that 'free' chair; sometimes, things that were discovered like that are such gifts!

  2. I love stopping by and seeing the progress -- exciting times! The chair is great! Your little wren is indeed a brave little gal. I giggled at Audrey and her reading....
    Purrs and hugs....

  3. Audrey's coat is SO shiny! Love that she's checking out the ingredients to make sure everything is up to snuff in this new food. Deb, that chair is too cute to leave outside! I love it.
    Nebraska ><>

  4. The photograph of the wren singing near the thistles should be framed and hung on a wall.

    And boy, do you renovate a chair fast. Didn't you just find it?

  5. Enjoy seeing the progress, very nice....

    Our very first home was a sweet Cape Cod, with a breeze way between garage and house. We loved that space more than any other room!! We couldn't wait for the first warm days of Spring and out would come the cleaning supplies and spiffed it all up!!

  6. Miss pops is the same as Audrey in her opinion about people food although on the odd occasion she will take a tiny nibble of ham or raw chicken.

  7. Precious post, Deb! Love that your kitty was "reading" the ingredients on the new dry food. I hope it was sufficiently approved! So cute! I like to try something new every now & then, too, or they get bored with the daily same-o stuff!

    Also, that chair is, indeed, a treasure! Amazing what a little glue & paint can do! Looks beautiful there, but I'm happy to hear it will come in from the cold when the time comes!

    God's Blessings on your day, Net :)

  8. Hi Deb! Things ARE moving right along! Yay!
    Tim eats a small portion of Sheba morning and evening. He munches on kibble in between. He LOVES treats but we try not to give in to the pathetic meow-y requests too often!
    I love your chair! How sweet to sit in the woods.

  9. The chair is perfect and yes bug spray required here also. We are getting new roofs on all the duplexes on my street so it's been crazy here. They haven't got to our place yet but I'm sure Miss Annie will have much to say about it when they do!

  10. She's singing away, your little wren! I love how you've captured her in song. Great photo Deb.
    Things are really moving along. Will the house be ready for Christmas?

    1. The plan is to have Christmas for the family here this year. We'll be doing some work ourselves inside so we will work as quick as we can. ;-)

  11. Audrey looks quite focused on the ingredients!

  12. Tux (like Audrey) will have nothing to do with food we eat... while Ghost and Julie will take a piece of chicken or salmon now and then. Keep us updated on the house progress. It's always fun to watch things take form. And yes, your chair turned out well!

  13. I love your new painted chair and where you've placed it, and for free! You can't beat that! That Audrey doesn't miss a thing, does she! I have switched to can cat food for all three cats here and they have stopped throwing up so often. Dumperoo has even gained weight. The only problem is, they are about to eat us out of house and home. The workers are getting a lot done!

    1. They will eat more often, Henny, as there is a lot of water in moist food. I do give mine a bit of dry mostly the dental stuff to clean their teeth and give them a bit of crunch. Yes, our workers are great this time and working through extensive heat. Up in the +30's again today. :(

  14. I love your chair -- it's really pretty and I love that you put it by the pet cemetery. Pretty color. And that Audrey! I love her! Lizzie eats some canned in morning and some at night and a bit of kibble throughout. I just put a little in her bowl at a time and that seems to regulate things pretty well. She lets me know if it's not working out for her!

  15. It is ugly out there with the heat and humidity . I bet the workers appreciate the cold fresh lemonade for sure . I do like your chair soo cute and such a nice spot to sit to with a bug net around you lol ! no really cute chair and area . Audrey you dont want chipmunk to eat yuk I hear it is to tuff lol ! Lovely photos and glad all is coming along well with the build . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !