Monday, July 10, 2017

Around and about the mouse-house

It was time to clean all the bird feeders today after having so much rain lately. I read that mold can grow quite quickly after much rain and that can make the birds very sick. Can't have that.
We are some-what eating from the garden. My sister left yesterday with beets to pickle and an armful of kale for her salads. We are all waiting on those green tomatoes to ripen and the peppers to bloom. 
My yellow beans are really sluggish. The gardens are quite a disappointment from way too much rain.
 Still waiting on zucchini, cukes & cantaloupe

While having tea with my sister yesterday we spotted a turtle walking by the mouse-house. I was so enthralled that I did not grab my camera so I'm hoping it is still in the area and will return for a visit. I've always loved turtles.
The retired-guy helped one cross a highway last week. It's not the first time he has pulled over for one. He got him settled in a grassy area and pointed him in the right direction.  He (the turtle) was so afraid he hid completely from view.

I mentioned before that we have found a fun pub to lunch at in our area and that's where we headed today for a meal with friends.  As of  tomorrow, we will be busy with construction of our home. 

                                            "Good Grief"
 Measurements need to be taken tomorrow for the foundation. The dig is Wednesday. I only hope all goes as well as the little House Wren's home building has this summer. She's been a busy little bird.

She can't seem to stop adding to this little nest.
Is she a bit neurotic or what?
I hope she adds some feathers or grass to cushion it. So far it doesn't look too cozy from what I can see.

I hope to get around to visit everyone this week.

Enjoy these warm albeit wet summer days. 
I'm praying for sun-shine.

hugs, Deb


  1. Starting on the new house, eh? Excellent! You've been providing homes for so much of the wildlife there, I thought you may have forgotten about yourselves.

  2. It's a good job you said...'He (the turtle) was
    so afraid...' I can't image the retired guy, with
    his head, arms and legs tucked up..! :).
    And..It looks a though the wheels have fallen off
    the turtle to..! :). Brum! Brum!

    And Annie..voicing an opinion..Goodness! So Audrey,
    must be under her blanket...Asleep! Bless!x

  3. I so enjoy reading your blog and catching up on the news of your wildlife. I hope that your new house adventure goes smoothly.

  4. What an expression on Annie's face! I'm jealous of all your energy - but, you go girl.

  5. I'm so excited for you to start on the big house. Poor kitties, they will need extra love!

  6. I have had to wash the hummingbird feeders quite often, thanks to all the rain. I love turtles, too, and will always stop to help them cross the road - even snapping turtles, although those I help very, very carefully! Congratulations on the start of your new house! I hope the rain stops so that work can get well underway.

  7. You two need bumper stickers that read, "I brake for turtles!"

  8. Annie does not seem impressed! I wonder what Simon will think of all the construction.

  9. Isn't it funny how every gardening season we either have too much rain or a drought! How sweet that you stopped and the Retired Guy carried a turtle to safety. We do the same thing. I have horrors of seeing a poor slow turtle being hit by a car. Looks like Annie does not want to hear about building a new house. The kale sounds delicious!!

  10. Starting the house sounds exciting! Annie and Audrey are sure to need extra love and treats ;)
    PS-I'm glad somebody stopped to help the turtle.

  11. It has been hot humid and sunny here for the past few days looking for some rain here now hoping for some tomorrow and Thursday . Hope your veggies come through the sogginess it would be a shame to have them go to waste . Lovely photos , I bet you guys are excited to get this house built I know I would be . As for Annie and Audrey they dont seem to thrilled about it lol ! Thanks for sharing have a good week !

  12. enjoyed the pictures and the peek into your life! Was checking to see how the new home is coming along!

  13. Hi Deb, I didn't know about washing the feeders for mold. Thanks for that -- I'll do it when I get home from the lake.

    Good luck on the construction. I know it will be a busy time -- but a good one and oh, when you are done!