Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Tilly, the Tree Swallow, just noticed me standing here. You can see that the babe is almost the same size as her and there are three of them in that little blue-bird house. I don't expect they will be here much longer. I hope they leave on a beautiful sunny day.
 I will surely miss them. 

Here she is feeding one of her babies.

The above was written two days ago. Yesterday, while we were away celebrating a family birthday, Tilly and her babes left the nest.
Needlesstosay, it hurts to find them gone. I really thought I would witness their departure and am quite surprised at how their absence now has left me feeling sad. I found two more little white feathers at the base of the now very empty bird house this morning. They are little treasures now and I will never forget this brave little swallow that picked our one and only blue-bird house to raise her young with her handsome mate. 
I hope she will return someday to once again nest. I will miss that funny little face that watched me garden for two months. I will miss her song.
"Take care, Tilly. You are always welcome at the mouse-house."
hugs, Deb


  1. A successful nesting season for her is a good thing.

  2. Oh, that makes me sad too. Tilly has such a pretty little round head. I know you will miss her and the babies. Little Gwynn is adorable, carrying your big flag. I love your flower garden and it's the perfect spot for the beautiful Canada flag. Loved seeing the picture of Kane too.

  3. Aw. She is a good little mama.

  4. We have swallows coming back every year so your Tilly should be back next summer. I keep track from year to year and it is usually within a day or so that they return. We are just north of Kingston so its early April that they arrive here.
    I do enjoy reading the goings on at the Mouse House, Lynn.

  5. During the five years at our first Kentucky home, tree swallows came each year to nest in one of the bluebird houses. They were interesting guests, such lovely iridescent coloring, wise little faces.

  6. The best of fortunes to you and your family, Tilly.

  7. You provided a wonderful home for that sweet family so they could move on to new adventures now. I bet Tilly or even one of her babies will return someday. Thanks for sharing this little family with us!

  8. You did a good job of giving mum and her babies a warm, dry and safe home.

  9. . . . . . yes, always miss them once they fledge, but always happy to know some of the precious babes make it and fly off to enjoy life on the wing! I often wish I could be a bird, even if just for a day - how amazing it would be to fly above everything and be able to perch on those high trees just taking in all the scenery below. Good luck sweet Tilly and your babies.

    You are a good bird mom - just as you are a cat mom Deb!
    I'm still caring for Ms. Nala next door - she's such a quiet kitty and hard to tempt even with treats - but still hoping we'll be cuddling more over the coming week once she trusts me.

    Hugs - Mary

  10. You provided them with a safe haven. I'm thinking the word will get out and the little house will have a family nesting in it again =)

  11. We have 2 bluebird houses and this year one house actually had bluebirds and the other bluebird house had tree swallows. It was the first year for bluebirds but the second for the tree swallows so we think they actually do come back. At about the same time they both left the houses and it just seems so lonely not having them there to watch. We are counting on next year having both of them back. Actually we still do see a bluebird occasionally but the tree swallows have moved on to wherever their next destination is. We live in Pennsylvania and it seems around July 4th fly away time occurs.

  12. awww sweet, am sure Tilly will be back next year, you provided a lovely home for her.
    weather's crazy here too, getting much welcomed rain but it's been up in the high 20c's still waiting for winter to come
    thanx for shaaring

  13. You have some wonderful photos of Tilly; why not frame up a photo for The Mouse House? That way she is still with you.

  14. I hope they come back again. It's sad to see them go but know they must. The birds have slowed at my feeders and I miss them also. Hugs!

  15. They'll be back Deb...don't fret...we have them at the cottage, and they return every Spring...
    You're Mother Nature herself 💛
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  16. The year I had nesters, they left while I was away. Oh, I hated to see them go, so I know exactly how you feel. I hope they return.