Monday, July 24, 2017

Around and about the mouse-house.

What a perfect weekend weather-wise it has been. The gardens needed watering by Sunday as the sun had been shining with no sign of rain. Perfect temperatures for being outside.

I made my first salad for dinner last night and all but the peppers were from the garden. It was delicious.

And as I was filling feeders and bird-baths for our resident birds I was joined by this guy... 
                                                              Our neighbour cat,  David.

David loves to help out with chores around here and only asks for a tummy rub or two. And you know how we adore him. But, once I have to head indoors David is escorted back to the old stone-wall and kissed good-bye. "Home you go, David before you get into trouble".  Tail he goes.
He is a cat. after-all. 

Family dropped by to have a visit, see how the construction is going and fill a bag with zucchini, cukes, kale and yellow beans. Lucky for us, my sister is a baker extraordinaire and brought along a blueberry lemon cake for coffee time.

It was a very peaceful few days; even the cats and Simon appreciated the quiet.

"Dang...these peanuts are good."

Today that all changes if the rain ever stops.  

Enjoy your day.
hugs, Deb


  1. ALL..looking goooood Deb....! :).
    We've had a weekend of rain, certainly
    did the garden some good, hanging baskets
    look really nice now, all in flower! :).

    And..Look..Simon..bless his little paws!
    Hope it's o.k. but l'm gonna put those twp
    photos in my pussy~cat folder, yes, l know
    he's not a pussy~cat, but, got nowhere to
    put him at the mo...think he may have to
    have his own folder, got so many photos of
    him! Bless! :0).

  2. A friend of mine from Wyoming just told me something I thought you would find interesting. One time he moved a board that was laying on the ground and underneath he found a chipmonk's winter stash. It was a collection of different kinds of seeds; they were stored in one "pie shaped" spot, but segregated into the different types of seeds. Each "slice of the pie" contained just one type of seed. Later, he was sorry he hadn't thought to take a photo.

  3. David is such a handsome mancat, but you are wise to escort him away!

  4. My doesn't David look handsome! I'm glad to hear you had a couple of peaceful days. I hope Audrey is feeling better and has forgiven you for the Vet trip. I forgot to tell you earlier but I sure do like the picture of your Grandmother you posted on the side! It is wonderful to see her!

  5. I love the name of David for a cat, so unusual.

  6. Blueberry lemon cake... Mmmm... Just the name of it...

  7. Oh fabulous photos of Simon! He looks wonderfully fit. What a treat.

  8. I think David is real happy that you folks moved in next door. He sure is pretty. You have an amazing garden and I love that you just mow between the rows. That looks so neat! Simon looks like he has gained a little weight. Wonder why!! Nothing like having your sister stop by. Does she live near by? Poppy and I had a swing just like yours, once upon a time. I love it!

  9. David certainly makes for good company!

    That rain seemed to be endless yesterday. A lot better today.