Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A quick post

as there are no words. I'm living in a war-zone. lol

But...on a good note...Simon actually sat on St. Frances to watch the workers from a distance. It might be a 'guy thing'. He could have used a construction hat. ;-) no camera...sorry!
Annie wasn't bothered in the least as she slept through most of the day with the A/C on providing a low constant noise. 

And Audrey, well, dear, adorkable Audrey. She did nap in between fits of running to the window to see if the world was coming to an end and I had to sit with her and give her slow and soft brushings to keep her mind off the *booms* and the *bangs* outside the mouse-house door. A little's Audrey, don't forget.

But she survived and devoured her three small meals and a few freeze-dried chicken strips throughout the ordeal. 
Tonight she is down in the garage watching tv.

Tomorrow it continues. 

 the house will be attached to the garage on this side by a breeze-way.
Once it is on we will finish the siding and board and batten.

THIS was dug up from the hole. 
I'd better figure out where I want it as it's only moving once.

Onwards and Upwards.

hugs, Deb


  1. That is one big rock! Very cool. Oh Audrey, she is a bit of a drama queen yes? Hugs!

  2. How exciting! And now I have this picture in my mind of Simon sitting on St.Frances and wearing a tiny hard hat! It may be a guy thing - our male cat, Zeus, runs to the window anytime he hears a truck - he loves them. His sister could care less and almost rolls her eyes at him.

    Since this was your grandparent's land I wonder if you will find anything interesting from their past as they do all the digging? Wouldn't that be fun!

    Good luck keeping Audrey and Annie calm and maybe now is the time for that wine for you and retired guy!

  3. oh my goodness it's getting exciting now...lots of digging, lots of noise, lots of activitiy!! It's really happening! Very happy for you and MERCY IS THAT A BIG ROCK!!!???

  4. Tim was like that when we were building our fence! He was very out of sorts. Audrey will get used to it, I hope.
    Wow! That's an amazing rock!

  5. I know you have been patienty waiting for this...exciting for sure. Stay safe and congrats on your new forever home.

  6. WoW that is some big boulder they found - oh the fun of where & what gets planted around it. We are lucky enough to have some of the ruins of the farmers stone wall left on our property & I really try to plant decorate around them. Thank goodness the kitties are ok with the trauma of the noise; you are such a wonderful Cat Mom to know what each of them needs.

  7. Lots of fun . WOW ! That's a huge bolder . Lovely photos . Glad the girls aren't to annoyed with all the noise . Thanks for sharing , Have a good rest of the week !

  8. Poor Audrey! If there is too much noise, Slimmie heads for the shower. That is an amazing boulder!

  9. Our cats have lived with us through several episodes of building/renovating. I always provide a 'safe zone' with their kibble, water and litter box. The usual drill is invisible cats until the end of the work day when air compressors are silenced and power tools set down. Then the cats creep out cautiously and investigate the changes.

    1. Hi Lorraine - I tried to shut them in the bedroom and Audrey almost took the door down with her claws. So I left it open for them to come and go with lots of tunnels for her to hide in in the bedroom. Today she seems calmer and she's sleeping under my duvet. :)

  10. That is a good sized rock! I think Simon's going to be quite wary of what's going on. As long as it's not coming too close to home, he can put up with it.

  11. I'm so excited for you!! I know how I felt when they started our new house ten years ago(gosh, hadn't realized until now how long ago that was!). First you can't wait for them to start and then, once they really get to building, you'll wonder when are they ever gonna get done!! ha ha!! Luckily, they didn't find any boulders like yours, but they did have to move 4,000 yards of earth to make us a "flat spot" to put the house(we live on the side of a limestone bluff.) My kitties weren't too thrilled with all the noise, but they soon got used to it. I think all the extra pats and cuddles probably had something to do with it. :>)
    Once again...congratulations on your "new beginning"!!!!

  12. Okay, I can just picture Simon in a hard hat sitting on St. Frances watching. Then I cracked up reading reading about Audrey. Bless her heart, I can't help but laugh...and it is your fault Deb, that I laugh. I just love how you write! Poor Audrey. Glad she could still eat. Audrey and I are a lot alike! That is one big rock! I can see where there would be no changing your mind, once it's in place. :)

  13. Wow, what progress!! It's going to be fun to watch your house built from the ground up!!

  14. Look at that huge ROCK! OHHHH! You could make a bit of a wall, or berm to hold up earth when you create a multi-tiered garden.

  15. Glad the girls -- well, at least Annie -- is surviving the construction well! And you, too! What a rock! It's pretty fabulous but yes, you only want to move it once!

  16. Relieved to hear Simon is taking all of the action well.
    Any signs of your dear little nest builder?
    That rock would look splendid as a garden monolith. You could have the digger make a hole and then upend it in. How elegant that would be although I'm really not sure crew's work would be of Druid quality. Any way, it would make a lovely landscape centerpiece .