Friday, July 21, 2017

Audrey had a time of it.

What could possibly make Audrey's day worse after living through the sound of big strange men yelling and even bigger and louder machines all day?
Audrey went to the vet yesterday.

Two weeks ago, it was discovered that she had fluid on her ear so antibiotics were prescribed for 10 days. Along with the diagnosis, something looked odd inside her ear. The vet ( not Dr. Ann...she's away) thought she saw an obstructon sitting in front of the ear-drum.
"Audrey might have a polyp but it is hard to tell with the fluid so we will wait and check again after the meds are taken."   
"A polyp? What does that mean for her?"
"Well, if it is a polyp (usually an abnormal and benign growth of tissue) then she will need surgery. We don't want her to have re-ocurring ear infections all her life. And, the surgery is not done by the resident vets here so we will have to call in a specialist. It's very delicate and risky surgery being so close to the drum. Depending on the exact location, the surgeon will either go through her ear, her throat or the side of her head to remove it."

I.felt.sick. :(

"Why is it so risky?" I asked.
"Well, there is a lot of delicate tissue to consider and it could cause deafness in the ear.", she said.




I left the clinic in a daze.

I have been worried for two weeks now and it was time for another look yesterday. Audrey was put side-ways on the table as the vet had to look very deep in the ear with a shiny, cold instrument. Poor Audrey tucked her face in my open hand and froze. She never moved. I don't think she was breathing, either.
The vet said finally, (it felt like an hour), "I don't see anything now. Huh! The ear is still a bit inflamed but the object of concern is gone."
"We will give her something to take for three days and see her in September." 


How do you spell RELIEF?
I took a deep breath. I was so relieved. I hugged her little doofus head and kissed her on her face. Audrey, that is.
She was fit to be tied with me but I knew she would be fine once I got her home and opened a new bag of freeze-dried chicken pieces and a new can of her favorite stinky goodness. =^..^=

She came home smelling of the vet clinic so her mother baffed her three times on the side of her head with her swift paw. Audrey gave her one right back in the kisser and jumped up on the table, tail in the air, for her promised treat.

Then it was off to bed.

Today it's all forgotten. :)

                                      "I'll never get over it."

 And, it's been a quiet day as the workers were a 'no show'. :-(

Happy weekend, everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. The poor dear! Subjected to the vet! Hopefully all is smoothly taken care of.

  2. Poor Audrey! But thank goodness there is not a polyp! Maybe it is a blessing for her that the workers did not come today. Give Audrey and Annie my love!

  3. So glad to hear Audrey is well!

  4. Oh dear! At least Audrey's ear problem turned into a nothing-burger, right? Too bad the workers didn't show, but at least you had one day of quiet to calm the nerves.

  5. Getting really great news like that doesn't happen often, does it? I am so glad she won't need surgery, especially since you've just gone through it with Annie. Audrey is so funny!

  6. That was a scare, I have no doubt. Did the polyp shrink to nothingness, or fall off? Or was it ever there? In any case, the anti-biotics probably helped. You'll no doubt be keeping an eye on that Audrey's ear. Let's hope nothing abnormal is ever seen again.

  7. It is so scary when we worry about our little ones! So glad no surgery. Annie had a hard day with roofers making noise. They will be back at 6am poor her and me!!

  8. ohhh gosh, i've just caught up, so glad to hear that Audrey is well & doesn't need any operation (very scary!)
    seeing all that work going on in your yard must be great that it is finally happening, i'm curious as to this breezeway you keep talking about & how it connects. can't imagine all that noise going on there but wow aren't those boulders something! you could design another housing area for more chipmunks! or just use them as design features perhaps one in the new 'cat enclosure' too. anyway have fun deciding where they're to go.
    thanx for sharing

  9. Wow, I was "feeling your pain" all through your telling of Audrey's ear story! Been there, done that a few, I know that sick feeling so well. And, when I read that your workers were a no show, I just nodded my head. Been there, done that too. Just get used to it, I will happen from time to time. Nebraska ><>

  10. Well, that is an amazing story!! It just dissapeared??!---best news ever, how neat is that? I'm so glad because surgery of any kind for our pets is a very scary thing and we sure dont want to put them through it unless absolutely necessary. I'm so glad she is okay!! She has so many fans all over who feel like we know her because we enjoy her antics here on the blog...I love the pictures of all your fur babies!

  11. Oh! Audrey!x Audrey!x Audrey!x
    I~LOVE~YOU....BIG ((HUG)) BIG X..

  12. Allstate well that ends well...happy for all of you. Gail

  13. Poor Audrey. We were relieved too to hear that whatever she had is gone. We hope she has no more problems.

    Enjoy your builder break.

  14. Thank God in heaven! Surgery averted for now and hopefully forever. Audrey's regular vet, who knows her, can do the recheck. She'll see if it really is something of concern. We've had bad call by vets before.
    Please give Audrey all of our love and lots of kisses, as tolerated.

  15. How frightening! I'm so glad the lump went away. None of the options for removal sounded very nice.
    Hugs to both you and Audrey!

  16. Yay for Audrey! I'm so glad she doesn't have to have that surgery.

    You have such a wonderful way with words and photos are priceless.


  17. Poor Audrey (and you) ... glad the news is good.
    Purrs and hugs ....

  18. Well I'm so glad to read sweet Audrey is all better. It's always a worry when surgery is mentioned.
    When I took Oliver to the vet for his annual vaccinations not too long ago, Tom-Tilly our other cat, also slapped him on his bum, she didn't like his vet clinic smell :)
    Happy you are having a few days of quiet, those construction noises are nerve-wracking.
    Enjoy your weekend Deb !

  19. This post is a rollercoster. My tummy was in knots the first half. Thank goodness Audrey is doing OK. The second half I was smiling (maybe laughing a bit) at all the smacky paw action !
    It's such a relief for us when the furry little hooligans are doing better!

  20. OH thank goodness..I could feel the tension build as I read this...poor Audrey...little darlin'..glad she is doing well...

  21. Glad for the good news! Returning home from the vet is always the best feeling for them....yes, she deserved lots of treats!

  22. So so relieved that Audrey is ok :-) How scary. I have an "Audrey-like" cat too. The looks I get after the vet trips are priceless. Since he is a rescue, he does spend part of his day outside. And after vet trips, he always feels the need to pay me back by bringing me a live critter (gopher, lizard, etc). It's called pay back!

  23. You had to be close to mental during those two weeks. After Annie's issues and the whole not knowing... I'm so very, very glad she is OK. And Annie's reaction. She must have been a little freaked to just freeze there. Oh, Deb. My heart was in my throat when I read this. So grateful.

  24. Thank goodness for happy endings...
    Have a great week Deb...
    Looks like things are going well with the house...
    Linda :o)