Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More on mama-to-be-wren and a treasured horse-shoe.

It was a busy morning prepping the area beside the mouse-house for the excavators.
 It has finally stopped raining for now and it looks like we will have good weather for the next few days.
Measurements were taken and then the Monster Digger was dropped off. The work begins bright and early in the morning. Probably before my second cup ;-b and right about the time Audrey goes back to bed. "Oh, dear."

While the men were measuring, I started shooting photos of the bird-house as close as I could get without scaring off the mama-to-be wren. She is still shoving sticks in that little house.

She reminds me of a few friends of mine who can't stop shopping and decorating their homes. :)
Mama-to-be wren worked the morning all the while singing her wee head off. Surely she is ready to sit on that nest.

 She's so adorable.

I think I mentioned in a past post that I had found an old horse-shoe under the dirt while cultivating the veggie garden.  I held it in my hand and truly felt that this had once been worn by my gran's horse, Riley.  
I don't recall any other horses here years back and asked my older brother what he thought and he agreed.

 So, Riley's shoe was lovingly nailed to the old out-house (I doubt she'd mind) for safe keeping today and so we can talk about the dear old horse to the grandittles (especially our oldest grandittle, Riley) when they play in the wood-lot.

If this looks crooked it's because the whole house is crooked.

Every single day I feel thankful to be living on my grandparents land. And when I am gifted with a treasure like this shoe from years gone by it almost brings me to tears. Now I want to find an old photo of Riley to show you this beautiful and hard-working horse that my grandmother truly loved. I know there is an old black and white of her and my mom in an album.  It may take awhile, though, since most of my photos are tucked away. 

Simon popped out of his den to say "Howdy" today.

Yes, he lives amongst the fairies and joins them for tea once in awhile. 
Oh boy, if only he knew what was about to happen tomorrow.
He will think the world is ending.
I have left him lots of food today as I don't expect to see him for a few days. 
"Sorry buddy." :(

Onwards and upwards... 

hugs, Deb


  1. Simon is not going to be impressed!

  2. I love that you live on your grandparents' land and that you found the horseshoe -- I'm sure you're right about that! And I love that Simon lives among the fairies!

  3. Best wishes for the construction of your new house- it'll be wonderful

  4. Such good luck for your new house!

  5. Exciting but crazy at the same time! The critters will not be amused though!!

  6. Wrens are my favorite birds - so much voice for such a tiny bird! I have one nesting in my pine trees and she gives me the business every morning and evening, when I pass by to the barn.

  7. Oh an exciting time for you guys now with the start of your new house . I love the Wrens such sweet birds lovely pics . I love the story of your horse shoe find how wonderful . We have horse shoes up here in areas to but they don't have the Sentimental value that yours does but they do have a story I imagine . I am sure Simon will be popping out every now and then to make sure all is ok lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a great rest of the week !

  8. "She reminds me of a few friends of mine who can't stop shopping and decorating their homes. :)"...hmm, birds of a feather...LOL!

  9. I am so excited for you! Little Wrens are one of my favorite birds too. Wrens have such cute personalities. They don't mind fussing at you, and are very brave to come right up on the porch after a bug. Simon's little house and all the fairies are so cute!

  10. I hope the sweet little bird and dear Simon aren't too upset by all of the work that will be going on. It would be so sad to have them move on.
    During the process of constructing your new home , I'm sure there will be signs that your gran is watching.
    They may be quite subtle but they'll be there.

  11. Simon and Audrey will wonder what is going on! Love the horse shoe story. So nice to have a new little wren family to watch out for. Exciting times! Purrs and hugs ....