Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trucks were hummin'

Oh boy, it was noisy yesterday. The concrete truck was hummin' away as half a dozen men worked in the hole laying forms and guiding the cement. It was terribly hot work. :(

This is the view from Simon's den.
 Eeeek! I believe he left early and headed back to the wood-lot where many of his chippy friends reside. There are nests of chipmunks in the wood piles that I stay clear of and just leave food near-by. I'm going to owe this little guy big-time. Better stock up on his favorite nuts.

The day started early and Audrey got herself positioned for the morning. The little sausage.
I put on a James Taylor cd and acted like all was normal.

It was a productive day and today the footings were removed and the hose whatchamacallit was placed. Next the forms will be put in.

While the dirt flew, I baked a few blueberry muffins for tea breaks. Then I managed to get around all the chaos and pick a few things from our slow-growing gardens.

This basket is heading out.

So, even though we have had record-breaking rain this spring and summer, our garden is producing slowly but surely.

Time for a tea-break. Enjoy your day.

hugs, Deb


  1. So much noise! Love how you are making the best of it all!

  2. Simon is definitely perplexed by it all!

    Audrey, your glare is always a welcome sight.

  3. O can imaging how noisy it must be now for you all but oh so worth it when all is said and done . Lovely pics . We haven't had a drop of rain in ages we need rain badly seems the rain clouds just keep missing us down here ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  4. Audrey the sausage ♥
    Blueberry muffins and the start of a new home. Could things be any lovelier ?

  5. Bless little Audrey. She looks like a burrito.

  6. Audrey's photo made me laugh out loud (sorry, laughing with you Audrey, not at you). Tea & muffins, perfect ...

  7. Where I grew up, many houses were still being built around ours, and we spent a lot of time playing with electric wiring and other building materials. It's probably not so much fun at my current age, so I sympathize! Audrey, you little sweet-um!

  8. Audrey, you little burrito, you! They are making great progress - I do feel for you, as I live on the path of two gravel pits and on most days, it is thundering dump trucks, coming and going. Nice choice in music! :)

  9. You'll be so glad to put this all behind you, but how wonderful to have a house you designed and built yourselves!!

  10. I love the photo of your bountiful garden spoils. (Maybe "spoils" is a bad word because nothing spoiled about those!) And Audrey in the "position." The loud stuff -- at least that part of the loud stuff -- will be over soon! Hang in there, Audrey!