Friday, July 14, 2017

Done with the dig.

A much bigger machine arrived this morning to finish the dig. They knew there would be rocks but may not have anticipated so many and the size of the monsters.

The sun came out to make this day a little more light-hearted. Audrey and Annie were already tucked away in their preferred sleeping areas by 8am after a good sized breakfast. Windows were shut, radio on and the *booms|* and *bangs* began.

Two little grandittles stopped by to watch the action from a safe distance. Gus was so enthralled with it all. Little Gwynn was worried about the animals and birds that might be around. I assured her that they would look after themselves by staying away from the area for the day and that Simon would stay safely under the pump if it got too crazy for him. That seemed to satisfy her.

It all went like clock-work and the weather co-operated. The dig is done.  It is so quiet again. The cats are happy, Simon will dine on his rock again tonight and mama-to-be wren has just returned to her house after disappearing for most of the day.

The concrete co. will put in the footings on Monday. Next week will be all about foundation work.

Once again, praying for sun. :)  

I'm off to meet two new kitty-clients. =^..^= =^..^=
Can't wait.

Have a wonderful weekend.
hugs, Deb


  1. HeHe! Sorry Deb...But! It has to be said....
    I think that hole is way, way, to deep for
    planting potatoes in...!!! :0).

    oooO! Foundation work...Yes! Well! You have
    to start at the bottom...!:).

    Seriously though...Good luck with it all....
    As the song says...'Looking Good'.

  2. So exciting ! It is fun to watch the beginnings of a new place with ones you love, especially little ones who'll share this place and remember the beginnings many years from now. (Family history in the making ! )

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Hoping for sun for you too!

  4. ooh, so exciting!!!! And just imagine the fun things you can do with your rocks!

  5. Has Dave been to see you during all this excitement?

    1. He has, Rebecca, but only once. He soon turned and high-tailed it out of here. I'm sure he's watching from a safe distance.

  6. I just adore the photo of you and your grands watching the dig. That's just wonderful. Especially when you think of it being on the site of your grandparents and their great-greats. Very cool.

  7. Simon must be perplexed by what's happening!

  8. Yay! A few days of quiet and then more as the foundation gets laid! Very exciting but loud!

  9. It seems like the house business is perking right along!

  10. Love the photo of you will the little girlies - and their questions.
    Looks like all is going well - my fingers will stay crossed for you having good weather along the way dear Deb.
    Hope your new kitties are good - my daily visits with Nala ended yesterday - her 'dad' came home from vacation. I must visit her more often - not just when he is away - she seems to enjoy my company as I do hers! Oh to have a kitty again - if only we could!

  11. I love the picture of you and little Gwynn and Gus. Your soil there looks dark and rich. Here, it's like clay, all orange and grey and big hard clumps. I'm just now seeing the picture of your grandmother, Mary Fox in the side bar. She is so small and sweet looking.