Friday, June 30, 2017

"Happy Birthday Canada"

I have always been proud to be Canadian.
As a child I remember being told to be thankful and appreciate the fact that I was lucky to be born in this great country; very lucky.
And I always reminded my children how fortunate they were, too. 

Now, I will pass that 'reminder' to my grandittles as they grow up and benefit from living in this beautiful & diverse corner of the world.

It may be a rainy day to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday but, no doubt,  everyone will be out in full force.

                  "Happy Birthday, Canada"

My Kane was a handsome and patriotic pup back in 2009. 
 hugs, Deb


  1. Kane was looking quite stylish! Happy Canada Day!

  2. Angel Kane is looking down from heaven, grateful that you've remembered him! Happy 150, Canada! We Americans may be a bit crazy, but we appreciate our northern neighbor!

  3. Yes! Happy Canada Day! My father lived in Canada when a child and his three siblings remained there for their lifetimes. So, yes, I wish all of you a great day - my cousins included.

    Have fun, Deb and Family.

  4. Happy Canada Day Deb !
    I hope it's been a lovely day for you and yours.

  5. Yes! A very happy Canada Day..Everyone should
    be proud of the country of birth..I certainly
    am! :).

    And l love that photo of Kane..Sorry Audrey!x
    But you've been out done to~day! Audrey!x Audrey!x
    Oh! Well! Never mind! :0).

    And, you've got Charlie out there have'nt you, seen
    him on the telly, with Camilla, enjoying himself.
    Let us know if he pops round for a cup of tea...! :).

  6. Just sent ya this by e~mail Deb....
    Thought some of your followers might like to
    see it....

  7. Happy Canada Day. We do live in a great country - the best in my opinion.

  8. Happy Canada Day! I love your country and I'm so glad you are neighbors to the north!

  9. Have a wonderful, very special this year, Canada Day dear Deb.

    As my maternal grandfather was Canadian, from Toronto, I've always had an affinity for your beautiful, majestic, friendly country. . . . . . . . and although I've visited much of it I can't wait to come back again!

    Happy Birthday Canada!!!
    Mary x

  10. Happy Birthday Canada! Oh, I just LOVE your country!

  11. Happy belated Canada Day! It's a lovely, admirable country indeed. And it's lovely to remember that sweet faced, patriotic pup too.

  12. We are indeed lucky to be Canadians.

  13. Happy belated Canada Day! We live on the border of your beloved country and visit as often as we can to Vancouver and Victoria. Unfortunately our new President has squandered our two country's valuable friendship, but he doesn't speak for the majority of Americans, including me. Your dear Kane looks so sweet in his patriotic kerchief.

  14. I hope your Canada Day was wonderful. That little flower bed is lovely.
    Still wishing you sunshine.