Thursday, June 29, 2017

A purr-fect addition to the cluttered country cottage china cupboard.

Yesterday the sun shone between rainfalls and Annie enjoyed listening to the crows and their babies outside the dining-corner window.
Today there is no sun; just constant rain.
I really fear for our gardens this summer.
So there is no listening to birds at the windows; just a lot of this today...

                                                  Audrey being Audrey 

My cluttered country cottage china cabinet 

 got a dusting and a new addition today.

These purr-fect dinner napkins
(another fabulous bd gift from my daughter)

 Black & white cats AND blue and white.
How could they suit me better?


"Grey cats for a starter, lady."

I guess I'll be on the prowl.

Here's to 'sunny days' ahead.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Audrey, you are so unique and wonderful, no artist could capture you greyness with any efficiency!

  2. I don't think I could bear to see those napkins scrunched up, but they suit my lot down to the ground. lol

  3. A great perch for Annie to keep an eye on things.

    Audrey's happy place is burrowing deep under the covers.

  4. we also don't have good weather now. Today is stormy day, in my district we didn't have a water almost whole day, somewhere in Warsaw there were no power, we had power plant failure, a lot of trams were out of service in the middle of the street, some trains too... A lot of trees were lying on the ground with roots outside... And after few hours - full sun!

  5. They know you well! I love your cluttered cabinet -- to me it is quite perfect!

  6. I love seeing your country cupboard! Your dishes are always sparkling clean and I love the lights. Wonder if I could find room for tiny lights inside my china cabinet?? Those napkins are so pretty. I don't think I could use one and throw it away. That Audrey is a mess. I just love her!

    1. Hi Henny - sure, you can add little lights. It's really nice if you want it lit on a dark day or in the evening. And I will most likely only use a few of the napkins and keep the rest. :) Audrey says "howdy"

  7. I love your cupboard! Always full of sweet things to see and enjoy. Blue and White is always lovely as are grey cats!! Hugs!