Sunday, June 18, 2017

Thank you and Simon's garden

Thank you everyone for your very thoughtful birthday wishes. 
It was so nice of you to take time out of your day to do that.
All the fun I had takes the sting out of becoming another year older.
I'm reminded by some to be thankful I am a year older as  we all know the alternative. :-b more talk about aging.

We have a third cat now and she will greet you as you arrive at the mouse-house.

 I'll tell you next post where she came from.
She really belongs on a fence but we have some fence work to finish up so for now she's a greeter. Isn't she cute?

Audrey is not impressed and thinks she is being replaced.

"No, I don't"  
"I think you've lost your marbles, Oooooold lady."

"And did you see those paws? What the heck!"
"If it's cute you want, how about this?"
 "I can't believe I am doing this but I have to eat."


The gardens look good. We are growing tomatoes, yellow beans, carrots, kale, lettuce, peppers of many colours and beets.

In another garden we are growing zucchini, cucumbers & cantalope. 

The wisteria is starting to climb and it will soon be blooming.

And I got some flowers planted at our little cemetery at the back along the old stone wall.
 This is such a peaceful little spot.

No tenants in these two houses yet.

 Our mama house wrens are still keeping house.

And our tree swallow (Tilly) is still on her nest, too.

Because it is way too hot to be out in the garden right now
our Annie is waiting for a treat while I'm inside. 

I want to show you Simon's little garden/den at our old pump.
 There have been large stones, ground cover and a few plants added and his sign is a little bolder now. ;-)
 I didn't see him today as the temperature was very high with humidity so he stayed in his den, no doubt. He'll be out looking for a snack tonight.

 I left him a peanut and lots of seed for his bed-time snack.

I hope he doesn't run for his life when he sees our new 'greeter' at the drive-way.

 "Happy Father's Day" to all you wonderful dads out there. 
We celebrate next weekend when all the kids can be together. :)
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

Have a great evening,
hugs, Deb


  1. I love your new little cat. Just perfect for your beautiful garden. Simon's house is just adorable. Hope your week ahead is great.

  2. You got your sweet new cat from bee medow farm - I saw it and thought how perfect it would be for you, and here it is at your place. It must have been a fun day out.

  3. Audrey!x Your a diamond...Bless!x

    And Simon!x Wow! Simon!x What a 'pad' you've
    got now...That's all a bit special...! :).
    If l knew yer address..l'd sent ya a sack load
    of peanuts...! :).

    And..little Annie!x Bless!x

  4. Such a lovely walk in your gardens. Simon's garden is looking particularly lush. Happy (beleated) Birthday Wishes. You probably get lots of cards on your birthday but what about after? When the balloons have withered And the cakes has crumbled? Who’s thinking of you then?
    I am. That’s Who. Me! I’m not late, I’m sensitive. (lol)

  5. Everything looks so serene. You are truly Blessed as are all
    that you come into contact with :-)
    Give the fur babies hugs and throw the critters and feathered friends kisses from Texas.

  6. Hope you had a grand birthday Deb...your gardens looks just do the kitties...wishing you the best year ever.

  7. Cute stuff going at your place! Your yard and garden look great! :)

  8. Everything is so lovely and magical! I sure enjoyed the tour! Did I see a couple of tiny fairies near Simon's house? ; )

  9. I did some gardening this weekend, and have serious aches and pains all over my body, and I've got 1/500th of what you do! How the heck do you do it all?

    1. I highly recommend a retired-guy to be around. :)

  10. Audrey and Annie are such cutie pies.

    And they know it.

  11. Loved the tour around your place... and especially the area around Simon's garden/den. You are creating a magical place and I wouldn't be surprised if faeries take up residence.

  12. Always love being on the latest tour of your lovely grounds and checking in on all your critters. Brings a smile to my face every time. It's a very hot 108 in my corner of California, so my cats are all pancakes today while they wait for a much-needed cool down.

  13. I love everything in this post! Simon's house is lovely and so is your new greeting cat! (Audrey, you don't have anything to be worried about -- just put some flowers on your back and no one can tell the dif! Right.) How's Annie? She's looking very good!

    And your garden looks terrific. Jolly good on you -- what a bounty you'll have!

    1. Annie is doing great, Jeanie. I'll always worry about her (that's me) but am pleased with her progress.

  14. Your yard and garden are lovely, but your adorable arbor might not be able to support a wisteria for very long! 4x4 posts are often recommended for wisteria because the plant can pull less sturdy supports right down once it really gets going.
    Annie and Audrey are cute as usual. Audrey's motto should be "Dignity, always dignity!"

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Marty. I had no idea.

  15. That Simon is one lucky little chipmunk! It is beautiful there around the old pump. I love his new sign too. No wonder he comes out and stands with his little hands folded admiring the place. You had done a lot of work and it all looks so pretty! I really love that new big kitty cat greeter!!

  16. Hi Deb! I hope Simon gets many many peanuts! His garden is adorable!
    Audrey is adorable, too! She's like velvet.
    Annie is looking good, sweet little thing.

  17. I love your garden, Deb. You make everything so beautiful! Love all the little touches.