Friday, June 2, 2017

The veggie gardens

We are late getting our gardens in this year. Too much rain and busy, fun days with friends and grandittles visiting along with some cat-sitting to do.  Yesterday was the day, no matter what, to get those plants in. And we had the best help ever. :)

                                               Little Gwynn
Tomatoes, beans, kale, beets, carrots & peppers.
cucumber, squash, zucchini & cantalope

Wow, it feels good to have that done. We planted two gardens for veggies this year so there should be no shortage of 'good eatin' this summer. You'll notice we leave a row of grass for walking between each row in the bigger garden. That just works well for us and can be mowed easily. Last year we did not have a problem with critters. Hope this year we are as lucky. I've got my eyes on those sneaky turkeys.

Now my funny little greenhouse looks sad and bare. Maybe I'll start a few more plants again. And set up a chair there for bird-watching.

                                     a few herbs and cat nip
                                      next to our cherry tree

We have added a couple of flower islands at the front of the property that I can see from the teeny weeny kitchen's window.
The spring flowers are almost done so now the perennials will be a joy to see.  
I need to cover the soil with mulch.
wild buttercups

And although it is overcast on and off, the sun is puddlin' in and it is never ignored by two very appreciative ladies.

Sun on the bottom half is fine, too.

"OK, mom,
you want a smile?"

 "cheese"...on a bird burger, please.   hee hee

hugs, Deb


  1. You have such nice, neat rows! I still have a few things to get planted or potted. I suppose since we always used to never plant before Memorial Day, we're really not behind schedule -- it just seems like it because of the past two years! Love your buttercups!

  2. You probably heard my laugh to Canada! I was admiring Annie
    and WAS NOT expecting Audrey. Too cute.
    Precious babies. Have a continued wonderful day. Wishes from Texas :-)

  3. We're late,'s going in tomorrow! :)

  4. Your garden looks great! Way to go!
    Your little helper is cute as a button!
    Hi Audrey!

  5. lol oh my goodness kitty your soo funny . WOW ! lots of YUMMY veggies at your house to grow this year you guys have been busy . Lovely photos . I was going to do a few container veggie gardens but never got around to it yet guess I will get into veggies next year the god thing is we have access to farm fresh veggies from a few friends about the area so that's ok with me for now lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  6. What a beautiful garden. We have flowers and two tomatoes in pots, but a real garden appeals to me. This is inspiring!

  7. Young gardeners! Hurrah! There's hope for the world yet!
    Peach's face is really amazing. When one look into those deep.luminous eyes, you just know she's an old soul.

  8. Hello, your garden is looking wonderful. It will be great to have all those fresh veggies. What a cute little helper you have there. Your kitty is adorable, cute photos. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  9. We are hoping the deer leave our herbs and tomatoes alone this year!

  10. Gorgeous greens in the garden.....look at darling little Gwynn....such sweet photos Deb!

  11. Your garden spot is so pretty, and I love your little helper. She is adorable. (how many times have I said that?) Leaving grass between the rows for walking is such a good idea. That Audrey! "a bird burger"! You two are so funny!