Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Smokey's story

I don't write often about the cat rescues in our area but I do keep in touch with a few; donate as often as I can and share their posts on my facebook. Three of them are very close to my heart; Country Cat Rescue, Dickie's Cause for Paws and Furry Tails Rescue. Because I keep up with the latest news and hear the pleas of help for donations and foster homes from many of the rescue workers during this time of year, I am well aware of the numbers needing homes. It is far too many. :(

With that in mind, I read a very heart-warming post from a favorite blogger this morning about a wee kitten that followed her guineas home one day.
Please drop over and meet Henny from and her adorable Smokey. A kitten that may have lost his life at a very young age finds a loving home with Henny and Poppy thanks to these curious birds.

It is raining here today. I think it's a good day to create a delicious vegetarian spaghetti sauce. :)

Enjoy your day,
hugs, Deb


  1. It's so hard, because we all get many requests for funds or to volunteer, etc. Smokey has his forever home due to the birds!

  2. I just left her site!! Loved her story of Smokey and how he found his home and I also told her that I truly believe those guineas helped lead him right to a safe place because animals sense each other and help each other. He sure did grow up to be a gorgeous kitty didn't he? that was the first I'd heard his story of how he came to be with them or seen his baby pictures. Our Smokey is the twin to theirs---NO WAY would I have thrown out such a beautiful and sweet kitten!---but the good part is--he was led right to a such a happy home!

  3. I loved Smokey's story. He is gorgeous. I once had a Smokey. The guineas did a good deed. My Teddy was a throw-a-way. I just don't understand folks who do that to another living creature. I always wonder how they treat their "humans".
    Purrs and Hugs----

  4. Oh my goodness, Deb, thank you so much. You probably remember back when Smokey first found us, how excited I was that he looked a lot like Miss Audrey. We came close, but there could never be another Audrey. :) And you Deb have a heart of gold. I remember the story of Annie and her kittens...and all the kittens and cats you have helped. Thank you. Henny

  5. Hello Deb, I popped over to Hennys blog & read the story of Smokey - what a lovely story. Made me smile :-) Our cats certainly do choose US at times xx

  6. Thank you for sharing the link! I loved Smokey's story. One the kittens we currently foster got named Smokey as well.
    xo Julia

  7. omg 2 & a half pages of posts to read here, haven't been online much of late
    so glad that Annie has recovered, she is looking awfully good in those photos too, sweet beautiful Annie is like sunshine :))
    ohhh Audrey is good too, love how she likes to snuggle under blankets, very cute
    love those Lilacs! what a gorgeous flower! too hot for them to grow here but we have plenty of natives that flower, which i'm trying to get planted.
    been getting some renovations done here too so am busy cleaning up from that & it's not finished yet.
    glad to see you happy & well at the mouse house hope you have a wonderful week
    thanx for sharing

  8. I love Henny's story, too. It made me think of Audrey since they are lookalikes!

  9. I love that story about Smokey! So much like my Slate! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Deb, You should check out Estelle's (Betsy Smith)today, she has a Flatbread Pizza recipe that looks like "to die for"
    Thank you for Smokey's Story link. Love HennyPenny I will check her out daily.
    Give the kitties hugs and kisses from me.

  11. I wish I could give another kitty a home, but with cat allergies running my family I'm limited to one cat so my daughter can still visit...more then that and she can't handle it.

  12. Thank you Deb for the reminder of the plight of so many sweet kitties, especially this time of the year. Your blog and Hennys are without a doubt my two favorite blogs!

    We have two rescue kitties - a brother and sister - and they bring so much joy to our lives each day!

    Thank you Deb for all the help you are to these sweet cats everywhere!

  13. I read that story earlier today, and loved every bit of it!

  14. How we love happy endings. Wish they all could have one. One must believe there is a circle in hell reserved for those who intentionally kill, torture or leave these little ones to die.

  15. Oh Deb, things like this make my heart smile. Big.

  16. I love Henny's story, also. It made me think of Audrey since they are lookalikes!SEO Company in Indore India