Monday, May 1, 2017

Gardening snoopervisors

Everyone with a pulse was out and about last weekend. After caring for a kitty client in the mornings, I headed straight to the funny little greenhouse to do more planting.
Don't laugh at my boom-box. It's all I could find in the garage that takes batteries. :)
The side windows open for more ventilation. It can get very hot and humid in there. Great for the sprouts but not so much for the gardener.

I had lots of interest from furry and feathered critters, especially Simon and mama tree swallow. It was very busy on our little property.

Mama tree swallow hung her head out to watch me walking by with my wheel-barrow. She didn't seem too concerned. I think she feels right at home here.

I believe we had a Northern Flicker drop by.

A comical wild turkey at our feeder

I'm happy to welcome May today and waiting on my spring flowers
to burst open.

"Happy May, everyone"

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy May! It is cloudy here today and I think we will have rain later. Hanging out with Annie and doing some reading, painting and laundry. Work and Fun! Hugs!

  2. Looks relaxing. All the little critters are watching you, how sweet. Love Simon.
    Hope Ms Annie is getting better so she can come out and enjoy the sunshine.

  3. AND...As it ALL looks lovely...! :).
    AND...I always say Audrey!x is the first
    lady..AND...Simon is the first fella! :0).

    HeHe! As for the turkey...I rest my case...!
    "Nuff Said".

  4. May! YAY! I heard about a moon garden this weekend, so now I'm going to research local plants that bloom at night, for the bats to feed on!

  5. Looks like spring is starting off beautifully. The little tree swallow on her new home is so precious and it's always good too see Simon. The turkey looks like it could send your bird food budget through the roof!
    Hugs and prayers for Annie.

  6. Happy May Deb...
    The swallows are very tame...we have those and the Purple Martins at the cottage...
    I just love your wee greenhouse...I say that every year don't I? Wish I could get one...Miss V and I would have fun in there!!
    Have a great week...hope the rain stops soon!!
    Linda :o)

  7. Did I tell you that I saw a wild turkey up by Walmart a while ago? Looking at yours now I know that's what it was! It was crossing six lanes of traffic!
    I would NEVER make fun of your boom box, Deb.
    Spring is springing up for you, finally! Yay! Love to Annie and hugs to Audrey the Audacious!

  8. Happy May, Deb. Thanks for the amble through your peaceful garden fill ed with critters. Greetings Jo

  9. It's predicted to be 25° here in southern Alberta by Thursday - feast or famine! And the trees are coming out in funny, thin, green paper at the ends of their branches. Everyone is quite mystified.

    Kim, at Musings on a Small Life, had a turkey land on her fence the other day, right in the middle of Kingston!

    I hope Annie continues to improve.

  10. Love the teacup feeder Deb, perfect for you.

  11. Looks like a wonderful day spent playing in the dirt! So nice to have all the little birds, big birds, and Simon to keep you company. Love that funny little greenhouse! I have a boom box in my sewing room :) I suppose one of these days I'll learn to live stream the music....until then it works for me! xx Karen

  12. Lots of good stuff going on there Deb I do like your little green house lots growing in it to awesome hey your little boom box fits right in perfectly to bad it wasn't CD as you could listen to Dan Gibson's Solitude's song birds whilst you work . Lovely photos and post . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening !

  13. Happy May! I'd love to have a greenhouse...I already have a boombox for it. :) Cute photos, looks like you had some great company.

  14. So...what kind of music do the plants like? :)

  15. Happy warm May to you. I like the "chocolate sundae paws" photo. Gail

  16. I love your little Greenhouse! I need one of those. It's the perfect size!

    And I'm so glad the cat-sitting business is up and booming in your area. They're lucky to have you!

  17. Late commenting here so maybe you won't see this but wanted to tell you, yes, that is a flicker. We have them here in Nebr.

    That first photo of Simon is just too cute! I would be so tempted to try to pet him!

    And, one more thing, we have a boom box just like that so, no, won't be laughing at yours. They work just fine.

    Continued love and prayers for Annie from Nebraska ><>

  18. Music and gardening just go together =)
    Your little woodland critters seem pretty content in your peaceable kingdom.
    Ear sccritches to Annie and Audrey

  19. A lot of activity going on. Always makes me feel good to get out and get things done.