Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lilac love

I remember as a child sticking my head out of my dad's car window to take in the fragrance of my grandmother's lilac trees as we drove up her gravel driveway. It was a sure sign of late spring, almost summer, when these little purple beauties made their debut. The large bush was on the left of the entrance and a tiny one on the right. The old clap-board farm house was filled with their scent as it drifted through the kitchen windows and little vases full of these pretties took center stage on the tables. I loved them and still do.
                                                   A tiny bush on the other side of the entrance.
Today, those very same lilac trees are blooming just outside the mouse-house. There are not nearly as many blooms as I remember from long ago but what is there still fills the air with the lovely lilac scent. We read that we should trim the tree and add bone meal to see if we can encourage more blossoms.

                                                   It smells heavenly at the mouse-house.

There are some white lilacs to show you right after the rain stops.

I just discovered this year that another lilac tree is just outside our fence on our side of the ditch. This photo was taken from the road.
You can see the mouse-house behind. 

I picked a few today and brought them inside. Annie is my flower fur-child and was immediately drawn to them.
She had a sniff and then lay beside them enjoying their fragrance.
                                           "Oh, that face."  xo

And how are our resident birds, you ask?
Our sweet little Tree Swallow is three weeks now on the nest.
 I would love to take a peak in there but I wouldn't dare disturb her. She spends most of the day watching me at the garden, the green-house and feeding the birds and chips. And the male is never far away. She leaves the nest throughout the day feeding on insects on the wing. Tree Swallows lay 4 - 7 white eggs that will be incubated up to 16 days.
The little mama watched the retired-guy till the veggie garden all Monday morning. So...I named her Tilly. ;-b

More bird excitement happened just this week. We have a third house now occupied by another house wren. The singing around here can be deafening. :)))

Spring is showing all her glory. 

hugs, Deb


  1. I had a white lilac...loved it. My flowers are spent so I did some pruning and fed the bushes epsom salt. Gail

  2. Oh! do you have a sleeping porch? Wouldn't that be just heavenly? Ms Annie- You are a perfect Fur Angel. This is the pur-fect place to quote "Just Breathe" Enjoy yourhome.
    Great name for the "tweety" bird.

  3. Great minds - I also did a blog post Thursday about lilacs. You have some very lovely lilac bushes near you. My fur girls would not leave any plant or flower brought into the house, so I don't. Lucky you with a house full of Tree Swallows. I will brag just a bit, we have heard & seen a Baltimore Oriole in the apple tree in the field! Out are the oranges. ... Mary-Lou =^..^=

  4. I love lilacs! My grandmother had a huge bush in her yard and in the spring the house always smelled from the bouquets she had all over the house. You brought back a happy memory to me.

  5. I wish I could have lilacs here (too warm in the south) and I wish I could get birds to my little houses. I guess I'm just lucky they love the bird feeders. It's been the best thing EVER!!

  6. The birds certainly have it good around the house! The lilacs are in full bloom here as well. I can pick up on the smell, but my sense of smell is rather underdeveloped.

  7. I remember lilacs growing up in NJ. We don't seem to have them here along the Gulf Coast. I guess it's too hot for them. My sister was terribly allergic to them. When our neighbor's lilacs bloomed her eyes would swell shut. Being the mean little sister I'd go pick lilacs for my mother. She'd put them in a vase out on the porch away from my sister. I new exactly what I was doing when I brought them home. :) I guess it was some kind of sibling rivalry.

  8. We had a big lilac bush growing next to one of the houses in which I lived as a child. I have always loved the smell. There is a bush to the west of my apartment now, and when there is a breeze, I smell the fragrance in my bedroom. It's a beautiful aroma.

  9. Our old lilac bush/tree cracked in half last year, but it bounced back and there were plenty of blooms this year. I'd love to have a white lilac too; maybe someday. The lily-of-the-valley are blooming now, and their fragrance is enchanting too.

  10. I LOVE that you have your grandmother's lilac books. My first experience with lilacs was with my grandmother's also -- so big. I miss those!

    What wonderful photos. And your special bird hotels filling up for the season! Love that! Happy weekend!

  11. I've never heard of lilac so thanks for sharing, Deb. I loved Annie's cute face next to the bunch of flowers. The birds are happy in your garden. have a great day. Jo

  12. Deb, I love that pic of Annie and the lilac blossoms! You know, we had a night blooming cereus a while back. We'd bring it in when it was close to blooming time. The aroma was so-oo wonderful. It would go all through the house and the cats would gather under it.

  13. I have never seen lilac blooms so large! My mother loved lilacs too. Seeing yours makes me want a lilac bush. Annie's little round face is just adorable. Her eyes just melt my heart. Isn't this a beautiful time of the year!

  14. Oh Deb, I just love how you are living on the same land and spot where your Grandmother lived! I know she smiles down at you by the lilacs she loved so much! It is so special to keep places like that in the family.