Tuesday, May 9, 2017

After the rain.

It was a bit shocking to look out the teeny dining area window yesterday morning to see snow falling. Geesh, this weather????
While watching the snow I noticed a grey squirrel and a crow having an early morning argument in the old maple tree outside the teeny bedroom window. I gathered that the crow was getting too close to the squirrel's nest and mama was fit to be tied. The crow, as most crows are, was persistent and very annoying. Mama squirrel eventually won the row and the bird left. I wonder now if she will move her babies because of this intruder. Crows are evil things when it comes to nest raiding.

The nest is in the hole below

Noah's Ark left yesterday after forty days of rain. OK, I'm exaggerating but it sure seemed that long. My funny little greenhouse was flooded and looked rather pathetic for a few days. I just watered the flowers and sprouts to keep them alive and then stayed clear of the place 'til today. It's time to clean up a bit in there since it is a dirt floor and there was a foot of water inside which is now just mud. You can see how high the water was by the pots on the ground. Next time, for sure, I will put it on higher ground.

The sun is really trying to stay out now. We need a few days of it to dry the grounds up. I think we all deserve a lot of flowers blooming. Some of mine are trying their darnedest. :) The lilac trees are budding.

I'm all stocked up with fresh from the farm organic brown eggs from Lucy across the road. Eighty-five happy chickens; bless their little feathered hearts. They are laying so much lately that I came home with three dozen today. I'm happy.
Dropping in on Lucy for eggs turns into a 30 minute conversation of the goings on in the area and a little story telling on her part of days gone by. I`ve learned a lot of the history of this area from these conversations.

 It was very quiet at Lucy`s farm as the cats were napping in the dry hay in the barn and the cattle and Charlotte were in the field. I very seldom see her guard dog as he is busy doing his job.
Every night, though, at five o`clock, you can hear Charlotte braying for her dinner. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Told you- the weatherman's cricket died!!
    I love the little greenhouse. How is Annie?

  2. So much rain and then snow? WHAT!! I hope things dry up and start to bloom!

  3. Our lilacs are in full bloom right now, and the wafts of their perfume are delightful; hope you have it soon too. Charlotte takes her job seriously, and by guard donkey union rules, dinner must be served promptly!

  4. I thought we were forecasted to have sun all week. Yesterday was a blue cloudless sky! But today we have rain all day. just never know!

  5. Snow ?? I can't believe it, you sure are getting the worst of weather over there. Lets hope that was the finale and you get some sunshine now.

  6. Oh, the mud! Yikes. Well, I suppose the higher ground is a lesson learned but I hope you didn't lose anything. Most of the time tennies will do but I think you might need some Wellingtons till things dry out!

    I'm glad the rain has stopped. Here, too. The plants look good, though!

    Hang tight. It cannot last forever!

  7. The flowers in the last picture are spectacular.

  8. Yes, I saw the light snow yesterday- what a sight after all that rain. Hopefully the water starts to go down now.

  9. We have a cheeky squirrel and noisy crows but no encounters with each other. Yet. Snow in May? This weather is wacky! Hope there wasn't any damage from the flood. We've had lots of rain but no floods thankfully. Mmmm, farm fresh eggs!

  10. Let's get this Spring party started!
    Enough already!
    I just looked at the weather....RAIN coming back Thursday 😫😩😤
    There goes our cottage plans...
    Love your greenhouse...
    Linda :o)

  11. Stopped in to see how Annie's feeling. I've missed a few posts. Enjoyed the peek at your lovely china those pretty blue and white dishes and the fairy lights! Sounds like LOTS OF yummy eggs coming your way! Omelettes? Scrambles? Cakes?

  12. Oh no, not snow after so much rain, I feel for you. I loved your post though and smiled when I read about the eighty-five happy chickens.
    I hope the sun shines brightly and all your flowers bloom.

  13. We've had some rainy days, but I've enjoyed seeing all my flowers bloom rather early this year. How's Annie? I'm having some problems between Rosie and Clara urinating outside the box. Clara was treated for stress and Rosie goes in tomorrow. Multiple cats can be a challenge and I know we'll get through this; I love these guys. Happy Mother's Day!

  14. Your blooms are very pretty!
    The eggs sound lovely. Glad to hear that the chickens are well cared for. I once went to a farm with a friend where the chickens were stuffed into a cage :(
    Please give Annie and Audrey an ear scritch from me.

  15. I like your post, the photos, the animals and their way of life.
    From now I am his follower.