Thursday, May 4, 2017

Here comes the rain.

The weather forecast is three days of rain and we do not need it.
The woodlot

It's pretty soggy here. 
I have brought all the plants inside the greenhouse to keep them from drowning in their pots this weekend. 
We have nowhere near the rain that some areas in Quebec and Southern Ontario have received. Some people are losing their homes there.  :(
Still, April was a wet month here and now May seems to be looking the same.
But those continuous May showers will bring flowers. I will show you what's popped up once the rain stops.

Annie had her final appointment for now and is out of her tight red scuba suit. We were calling her 'lady in red' lately and gladly that will stop. She must feel so free tonight. We have been having a cuddle-fest just because we can.
She will see Dr. Ann in six months for her next check-up. I will be praying (every single day) that we have seen the end of this health issue. It's been a really hard few months and I expect I will always worry about her now.
                                      I LOVE SPRING

The colours of spring are captivating.


Tree Swallow


Enjoy your weekend and all the beauty of Spring.

hugs, Deb


  1. So happy for Annie!!!

    We are inundated with rain like you.....many are losing their homes on the lake shore. My back yard is flooded.......ah, Spring.....

  2. Pleased that the little red vest is now off, bet she is as well.
    Funny weather all round i think, Sandra in California is experiencing a drought, and another blogger somewhere in usa is expecting snow. Here in uk it is as expected, some sun, bit nippy but getting there.

  3. I love all the photos here but mostly I love the good news about Annie and glad she is free of the scuba suit! Happy weekend!

  4. I will continue to pray for Ms Annie and you.
    In Texas we call that "ARK-building" weather. :-)

  5. When it comes to prayers for Annie, count us in.
    We love her.

  6. Love that Annie is out of the scuba suit. She is such a sweet girl. Annie Belle has gotten fat, just fat! I've reduced her food and I'm trying to get her to play more for exercise but time will tell. Spring is so pretty but all this rain can now move on out! Hugs!

  7. I'll bet Annie does feel 'free' without her red scuba suit. It reminded me of those coats they wrap around dogs that are suppose to make them feel 'less threatened' by thunder and storms.

  8. So nice to hear Annie is doing great...
    Your seedlings look fantastic Deb...
    Still raining here...80 mm expected!😳
    Stay dry...
    Linda :o)

  9. Good for Annie!

    We really don't need this rain. We need a good week or two of dry weather.

  10. Rain, rain, and more rain here also. Glad you got good news about sweet Annie!

  11. Yay for free Annie!
    I just noticed that kitten picture of Audrey on the sidebar. HOW CUTE! Sorry it's so rainy. I hope the sun shines soon.

  12. I keep pulling up the weather radar, hoping to see that the green rain blobs are finally going to disappear...but not yet! Hope you are giving Annie cuddles from us too!

  13. That is good news for little Annie. Give her a pat from us.

    Julie and poppyq

  14. Spring in Ontario appears similar to my former home in Vermont--slow to arrive with many set-backs of chilly days.
    I'm relieved to read that your dear Annie is on the mend. Yes, you'll be watching her with a tinge of anxiety.

  15. Those plants are beautiful.
    Glad Annie is out of the scuba suit....(she looked adorable in it, though)

  16. Deb, so glad Annie is alright.
    Take care.