Monday, May 22, 2017

Internet issues and a full week.

We have had a week of flaky internet connection. I've been reading your posts but unable to comment most days. And it's been impossible to upload photos. Very frustrating.

It had been unseasonably hot for days. We are now back to spring weather and more rain.

The days have been full; grandittles visiting, new cat-sitting clients to meet, playing in the greenhouse and getting more plants into pots for outside. My little island of spring flowers are almost at their end and have been so pretty to enjoy from the mouse-house window. Sun-puddles have been worshiped by the two ladies. Annie is doing very well :) and we had our grand-dog, Forrest, visiting for the weekend.

I've been meeting more of Manotick's finest felines through my in-home cat-sitting service. One fabulous fellow has white bobby socks in the front and white knee socks in the back. And guess what? His name is NOT Socks. lol
Another has a big black smudge down his nose. So many cute cats and all with unique and intoxicating personalities.
I will be getting busy again in June and hope to share a few of my charges.

This guy...

Forrest loves to run around the mouse-house property and his favorite hang-out is the little wood-lot.
This guy is very prey-driven so he has to be supervised while there. When |I see him digging at the holes in the ground (chipmunk dens) it's time to throw a ball or frisby.

We've been gardening and trying to stay on top of dandelions. The grass was cut for the first time this season but we had to do a detour around the bird-house where mama Tree Swallow is nesting. She was furious with the noise as we got closer to her house and let us know it by hanging out the opening and squawking. The lawn-mower was immediately driven out of her area. I guess our lawn will look crazy for another few weeks. And she's worth it. :)

It's lilac time at the mouse-house and, as soon as it stops raining, I will show you my grandmother's lilac bush. 

I'm glad to be back on-line.
Enjoy your evening.
hugs, Deb


  1. I enjoy reading your posts...calming. And we always were cat their more quiet personalities....well, maybe quiet isn't the right word. We could have used a wonderful cat sitter like you! The last 10 years we shared our lives with dogs...a gift of companionship too.

  2. Its all looking rather beautiful Deb as the fine weather brings everything to life for you. I envy you the lilac - one of my absolute favourites. Wonderful to see the furry girls enjoying the sunshine. xx

  3. How beautiful Spring looks at the Mouse House!

  4. I especially admire the grinning cat planter! Good to know that Annie is doing well. She is a dear.

  5. I'm happy to see your new post! =)
    That cat planter by your outhouse is cute!
    Glad to hear everyone is well.

  6. Glad to see you back and i'm loving your spring photos Deb.

    Julie and poppyq

  7. Whew-was wondering what had happened to you- had seen a comment on MaineHouseblog (Estelle's) and that made me wonder more.
    So glad to see you up and at'em again. Ms Annie seems content. Give the ladies a hug from Texas. Take care and enjoy your surroundings.

  8. Your place looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the old lilac bush. My mum's died the season she did,

  9. All good stuff! Your property looks beautiful with all of your pretty flowers and planters. Love it!

  10. Such a busy time of the year. Happy to hear Annie is doing well. Hugs!

  11. Wow! You have been busy! It's almost funny how tickled I was to see a post from you. Any time there is a minute to sit down at the computer the first thing I do is look for a post from you. You are cute as can be in that picture...a real country girl. and you are wearing my kind of and jeans. The picture of Forrest walking in the woods is really pretty. So glad Annie is doing good, and Miss Audrey looks very content. Don't work too hard! Henny

  12. Ooh, cannot wait to meet your clients!

  13. Though it's always good to be in the woods, I think spring and autumn are a wood's best seasons. You are very lucky. And I love lilacs - the true scent of spring.

  14. I can just imagine what the cats have to say about Forrest!

  15. So glad to see you back here, hear that the cat sitting service is going well and Sweet Annie is healing! Woo hoo! All this and lilacs, too!

  16. You definitely have been busy . Glad to hear Annie is doing well . I imagine Forrest has so much fun there exploring and getting into mischief lol ! I am glad your internet is sorted gets frustrating when you cant post or read others blogs doesn't it ?! Lovely photos love the second photo . My Lilacs have been in full bloom for a few weeks now and are slowly finishing I have had some in the house here and there love the scent soo pretty . We have cut our grass quite a lot already love that smell to of fresh cut grass . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  17. Hi dear Deb - I've missed being able to keep up with you whilst I was off gallivanting again! I'm so thrilled to see you out in the garden in your wellies and sun hat, enjoying warmer days and green trees around the property. Looking fwd to lilac pix, love 'em and miss being able to grow them here, and seeing your new feline charges - AND knowing Annie is doing well has made my day!

    Hugs - Mary

  18. Looks like Spring is finally coming to your's beautiful. We've had tons of rain and my peonies have gone because of it, but now the Cone Flowers, Hydrangeas, Scotch Broom and others are bursting in the garden. Definitely feeling more like summer. I leave for the UK on Saturday and know I'm going to miss some of the excitement in my garden. Enjoy your sunshine and kitty sitting, XOXO