Friday, May 26, 2017

The critters at the mouse-house

                                    Annie watching wild turkeys from the kitchen window.

Even though these two ladies of ours have their own cat trees, window shelves and dresser drawers to sit and watch the birds from, sometimes something exciting brings one to the kitchen window.
I don't mind because I understand their excitement. Plus they walk all over me; literally.
And when a nesting blue heron flies over the mouse-house, well, that's so exciting that even I forget to photograph the bird. :-b

                                                                   "Holy cat whiskers" 

haha...she loved it. 

Simon says "howdy"
He was out this morning for breakfast.
I added a few more flowers around his den.
He is looking strong and healthy.

And here's a fun photo I took this week. Our resident Tree Swallow and in the background a House Wren.
Two little mamas, now neighbours and co-existing nicely.
Singing her sweet little heart out.
Now it's time to get busy
and build that nest. 

And Audrey,
this is all I could get for you.
She's in her happy place.

hugs, Deb


  1. Hey! Howdy Simon!x How ya do'in bro...! :).
    Looook'in Gooood! Luv yer flowers...yeah! :).
    We've got Chelsea Flower Show on over here this
    week...all a bit posh a special...Lovely blooms,
    worth thousands! Nice to see though! :).

    Not those horrid turkeys again...l suppose they
    feel safe, what with Christmas being a long way
    off..! :).
    Keep yer eye on them Annie...And as for Audrey!x
    And, as it's the last photo..we'd better have a
    little..paws..! HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Wow -- that photo of Annie looking up is gorgeous. That might be one of my all-time favorites. The lighting, the blue jar, the pose of expectation and wonder in her face! It looks like all is going well in your world! Happy weekend.

  3. Hi,Simon. And Ms Annie is absolutely so photogenic! I'm sure Audrey is too if we could see her face.:-> Your photos give me peace and calm. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful blessed life in your home. Still saying thank you prayers for Ms Annie, you and your Vet.

  4. Of course the kitties love to get views out the window! Ah, Audrey... she must be quite comfortable under that.

  5. So nice to see Annie making a full recovery and enjoying the "sights". Happy to see little Simon, too. Your feathered tenants look content. I see Audrey is being Audrey...
    Purrs and hugs .....

  6. That little Simon must be so proud of his home there now. All neat and cleaned up and a little yard full of flowers. He s so cute!

  7. Simon must be the healthiest chipmunk in Ontario, thanks to the menu you provide! Long may he thrive.