Monday, May 15, 2017

The bones of the wood-lot

                                     moss-covered logs at the entrance to the wood-lot

  "Come along for a walk with me."

To visit the woodlot you first walk past the 150 year old out-house (now decorated for every occasion)  that I so fondly wrote about in the past. :-b
Right now it is home to a family of chipmunks. :) 
 It is hugged by a creepy old vine that is probably as old as the out-house.
I'm very protective of the 'ol vine.
The ground is covered with years of fall leaves creating a soft, crinkly carpet to walk upon.

Hundreds of skinny maple trees surround you as you zig zag through the lot.
And you are serenaded by our many different birds that call these trees their home.
Today I saw blue-jays, chickadees, juncos, nut-hatch, sparrows, rose-breasted grosbeak, cardinal and wrens. Many singing...all seem happy.

And it was fun last Easter to design four paths for the chocolate egg hunters.

Which way do we go?
 The grandittles had such a fun time.
They find it magical back here...and so do I. :)

And there are piles of branches and tree trunks to cut up for fire-wood this winter.

The old stone wall above was built by my ancestors.
What I'd give to travel back in time to watch that happen.

It is at the back along the old stone wall that our beloved departed cats are laid to rest.
A place that soothes my soul.

And since there are a few hanging boxes full of peanuts in the trees, you will often be accompanied by a resident chipmunk as you walk about.
 Dinner time
So that's to show you the bones of the wood-lot.
I look forward to bringing you along for a closer look at life that goes on in there. :)

We've just had company so these two are pooped.
Audrey...really? That face!

Mother's Day was so much fun.
I was spoiled, as usual, with brunch, flowers and chocolates.

It's been cool and rainy,
but now,
 with the weather in the high +20's
it's time to do more planting. :)
Hydrangea from my daughter.
I hope you had a fun weekend.
hugs, Deb


  1. So nice to hear that you enjoyed your Mothers Day...
    Tell many acres do you have? And...when do you start the big house?
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)'

  2. Yes, I was also wondering when you will break ground??

  3. Such a sweet little woodland, Deb. It's truly magical. Love the ancient old vine growing up the outhouse. We have quite a few precious graves here, too :( Glad you were spoiled on Mother's Day. Love the beautiful hydrangea. The expression on Audrey's face is priceless! xx Karen

  4. Such a lovely walk, thanks for inviting me along. I am always amazed at the abundance of life in the woods & how moment by moment it changes; with a crest of bird song, a lull of animal rustling. Your fur ladies look like they are saying "our turn to love on you Mom". Pretty hydrangea.

  5. I just love your place! and the little outhouse too, with the big old vine. Is the vine alive, and do you know what it is? All of it is so pretty. That little Simon with his cheeks full watching you is adorable. Your daughter sure picked out a beautiful plant for Mother's Day.

  6. Hello. I love your blog. I´m very happy to find it.
    I love cats and dogs.
    Greetings from Galicia

  7. I can see why the little ones think it's fun!

  8. Audrey's expression is, of course, priceless!

  9. You look a little cold holding that hydrangea.
    Audrey is so funny!

  10. You live in beautiful territory! I especially love the 150 year-old house! It comes to life at this time of year, doesn't it? Loads of work -- but worth it.

    In other notes, I sent YOU a note but I might have sent it to the wrong address or town. I looked at the return on yours to me and realized your street and town name were the same but I had a different town. Hopefully they'll figure it out!

  11. This year, Mother's Day fell on the anniversary of our daughter's it was the pits. I've planted lots of hydrangeas in the garden I set aside to honor her and your plant reminds me of one of the varieties I did. Enjoy your gardens, XOXO

  12. The moss covered wood looks beautiful and the old house is very sweet. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Audrey and Annie are such beautiful girls. We're cat lovers too. We have three and additionally foster 4 kittens at the moment.

  13. I loved going along with you in the wood lot, Deb, but I wish it was in person!
    I also loved reading your Mother's Day post and seeing the photos. Your hydrangea is beautiful and seeing your sweet kitties is always a treat.