Sunday, May 7, 2017

cluttered country cottage china cupboard love & a treasured photo

On a rainy and dark weekend I play with my blue and white.
China dishes were washed and then placed back in their cluttered country cottage china cupboard.

My maternal grand-parents, Mary & John
on their wedding day.

They were the original settlers of the land we now live on.
I feel my grandmother's presence every time I garden here.
She was known for her beautiful flowers and welcoming home.
Her love of children and cats.
Her side-kick was a beautiful brown tabby girl named Maggie.

I never met my grandfather as he passed away the year I was born.

"I see the 'ol gal that lives here now hasn't noticed something.
 hee hee"


"Hey, where did her ear go?"


hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey would like to make the whole lamb disappear!

  2. That lamb looks a little stressed! ha.

  3. I bet you could write a book about Audrey's antics!

  4. Audrey! Tim was hunting a bee that was buzzing around inside. I had to get up and move my Pooh teaset because of his crazy leaps!

  5. I think you must favor your grandmother, Deb. She was a beauty, for sure.
    And, always love the way you decorate your step-back with blue.
    So good, too, to see Annie playing in yesterday's post! I continue with prayers for her complete return to health and well being.
    Nebraska ><>

  6. That Audrey! Your blue and white is so pretty. Love your cupboard.

  7. As a scrapbooker, I really like seeing the old heritage photos. Oh that poor sheep! Audrey you are looking far too pleased with yourself ...

  8. So sweet and special. Thank you for keeping us up to date with Ms Annie's progress (May6th post) and Audrey!! Where did that ear go?? Continued prayers for Annie and you.

  9. There is so much to love here. Your beautiful cabinet and fabulous china, of course! And then that wonderful photo of your grandparents. How special. They were such a beautiful and handsome couple, too. I understand what you mean about the energy of the people who had the property being visual within. It gives me a good idea for my cousin's cottage which is our old family place. I already have that at my house. It's time they get a few of the old lake photos there! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Audrey, you should see how Angel chews holes in our newspapers, and leaves shreds all over the floor. Yes, we could put everything out of her reach, but it's only newspaper and she seems to enjoy her chewing so!

  11. What a title to today's entry!

    It's wonderful to have old photographs. I have scanned all of ours before they went to another family member. Such history.

    I wonder if your grandmother's Maggie is responsible for any incomplete decorations passed down through your family...

  12. Oh Audrey, the audacious! I love your blue and white china cupboard. And I love the treasured photo of your grandparents.

  13. What a great photo of Audacious Audrey!! I love your cupboard, and that photo of your grandparents is precious!

  14. Your china cupboard makes my heart happy =) So cheery and twinkling. I like blue and white dishes. I don't think I have any ...uh oh! :)
    Audrey-did that poor lamb lose an ear because of you?!

  15. I bet your gran would be so delighted to know the old family place has come alive again. Maybe she sends you her happiness when you're in the garden because , there, you will know it is from her.

  16. Wow, what a tongue twister! I love your cluttered country cottage china cupboard! :) The dishes always looks so bright and shiny. Annie looks like she is feeling better (in a previous post) I'm so glad she is doing better. We have rain coming tomorrow and may stay with us all week! :( Love, Henny