Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm a lilac lover

                                          JOHN & MARY FOX on their wedding day.
They were the first 'enjoyers'  in our family of the fragrant lilac trees on this property. 
                                              and white

My grandmother's house was filled with these little beauties in spring; drinking glasses and vases displaying them in every room. 

Signs of the season are everywhere today.
And the lilacs are like the bow on the gift of Spring.

And now they are here in the mouse-house
to be enjoyed for another week or two.

I really tried to get Audrey to pose today.
This is it, folks. There's no arguing with her.

Enjoy your Sunday,
hugs, Deb


  1. I love them too! We have deep purple, medium purple, and white ones. Their fragrance is amazing, but I notice how quickly they die once cut and brought into the house. They're certainly a delight.

    1. I know, Judy. I have to replace them every few days. You are lucky to have the deep purple ones.

  2. Audrey's much more happy in there.


  3. Simon looks as thought he his clapping! Audrey you are not a bear and this isn't winter.Stop hibernating and come out and enjoy the spring with your Mom and Deb.Pleaseeeeeeeeee.

  4. The lilacs are so pretty and I bet they smell amazing! Audrey is so funny all snuggled under the blanket!

  5. I love those too....mine are deep purple and growing outside my bedroom window, so the fragrance creeps in and I love it!!

    After picking the blossoms, I smash the lower stems with a hammer and that lets the water get absorbed. They last longer that way!!

    My Annie loves to be under a blanket, even in strange!!

  6. I love your blog with all the great pictures and updates on the mouse house and all the "homesteaders" in your yard. I laugh every time I see pics of Audrey. What a character.

  7. I like your still life photo of your grandparents & the lilacs. On Saturday the breeze was just perfect to having the neighbours lilac fragrance waft over the fence to me. This Thursday coming my Take Three Thursday blog post will feature Simon's cousins! I think I would know Audrey anywhere (col).

  8. I love lilac, too. They are beautiful and the scent is wonderful. What a gorgeous addition in your mouse house :-)

  9. I too am a huge lover of fragrant lilacs Deb - we grew them everywhere in England however they don't like the weather here in NC - too hot and humid in Summer I guess.
    Your cupboard is looking so pretty with the blue and white theme - love that jug with the kittie face!

  10. I love this post, Deb. The beautiful, fragrant flowers (one of my favorites), the wonderful photo of the grandparents (so handsome) and life in your part of the world! I looks like lovely times up there.

  11. I can smell your lilacs just by looking at the photos!