Friday, May 12, 2017

Love on Mother's Day

The first photo of me and my mom.

My mom was my hero, my rock and my best friend.
"Happy Mother's Day in heaven, mom."

This was my beautiful mother-in-law, Mabel.
She made me feel part of her family the moment we met.
She was a wonderful grandmother to our three children;
the kind you grow up with making cherished memories.
We miss her.

And I can't wait to celebrate the day with my beautiful family that include wonderful mothers, daughter Jess and daughter-in-law Brittany.
I hope they get spoiled lots.

And, since some of you have asked how she's doing,we can't forget Annie, mother of the audacious Audrey.
8 weeks after her and babies arrived from shelter.

I am so thankful that she is recovering well from her surgery, enough to raid my jewellery box today.
Aw...but don't pearls suit her?

"Happy Mother's Day, Annie"

She is feeling well and back to her playful self.
A special treat planned for dinner.


"Happy Mother's Day" 
to all you beautiful mothers out there.

hugs, Deb


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Aw! Annie is a queen!

  2. This one brought tears, for sure, Deb!
    Happy Mothers' Day to you.
    SO happy that Annie is doing well!
    With love from Nebraska ><>

  3. Thank you, Deb. And a very Happy Mothers Day to you. I'm am blessed to still have my mother to celibrate with and my sons near me too.

  4. A very Happy Mothers Day to one and
    all over there...God Bless!x

    And Annie...Your a pearl!x

  5. Wonderful tribute tribute to your two mothers, Deb and your DIL's as mothers. Happy Mother's day to you.

  6. You wear those pearls so well, Annie. Good to see you looking so perky.
    Happy Mother's Day, Deb.xx

  7. Wonderful to hear that Annie is feeling so much like herself again. A lovely salute to the Mothers in your life both present & past. Wishing you a wonderful presence filled day of those you love, that I am sure is gift enough for you.

  8. Happy Mother's Day Deb and Annie! Sweet memories all!

  9. Happy Mothers Day, my friend, and a thank you from Lizzic C. and me for you-know-what! I'm so glad to hear your Mama Cat is well recovered and going so nicely and I loved the tribute to your mum and mother-in-law. Have a glorious weekend (and Annie looks mahvelous in pearls!)

  10. Aww, beautiful memories of precious mothers, they still fill our hearts with love :)
    Sweet Annie, she looks quite dashing in her pearls !
    Wishing you and your girls a wonderful Mother's Day Deb, we are so fortunate.

  11. So sweet indeed. Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Dad misses his mom, as it's been almost one year since she passed away. Cherish your mom memories all your life.

  12. Deb, I refer to woman as a She-ro. I heard someone else do that and I thought that was a better way of distinguishing a
    lady from a man who is HEROIC.
    Ms Annie- you ARE a PEARL :-)

  13. Happy Mothers Day Deb...🌸🌷🌹🌻🌺
    Linda :o)

  14. Happy Mother's Day Deb. That is such a sweet picture of your mother holding you. Your mother-in-law looks like a sweet lady. Bet she was crazy about you. Awww, Annie was a good mother too. Hope you've had a good day! Love, Henny

  15. A happy Mother's Day to you and all the mums in your family. I am pleased to see Annie looking well, and to read that she is recovered. What a blessing for Mother's Day.

  16. PRECIOUS Deb! Happy Mother's Day!

  17. Annie looks adorable in your pearls!