Sunday, June 11, 2017

Oh, that magical wood-lot.

Grandittles and wood-lots go together like peaches and cream.

These two cuties spent the day with us exploring the property; chasing garden fairies and feeding flowers. Bradley (in his mind) chopped down trees and built wood piles for a fire.  I doubt there was a mis-placed twig left by the time he was pooped.

They soon needed refreshments and came in for lemonade (or tea, as Riley called it) and mixed berries before lunch. 

And even though this is the look they got when they came inside to eat ...

these two ladies never miss an opportunity to indulge so they eventually joined them for a bite, albeit a few feet away.

Then it was back outside for a run through the sprinkler and one more adventure through the all-enticing wood-lot.

Summer holidays are coming soon so we hope they will spend lots of time at the mouse-house. xo

Sorry Audrey. I'll make it up to you. xo

hugs, Deb


  1. Loved the look on Audrey's face.Oh, to have that young age energy again! Your Grandittles are "cuter than a bug's ear"
    How old are they? Mine are all grown now-from mid 20's to 30.Glad the weather has stayed nice for days just like this.
    Give kitty babies hugs and kisses from Texas.

  2. There are magical times aren't they. To be enjoyed now because time passes so quickly. But isn't it marvelous to think that one day these little people may bring their children to the great adventure woodl lot.

  3. P. S. Love seeing Annie and Audrey together. How can one not smile seeing Audrey's expressions.

  4. Looks like they had so much fun! :)

  5. There is nothing like playing in the woods. They will never forget those days. Looks like fun, doesn't it? Audrey's expression makes me laugh. She looks very serious. Audrey and Annie are sweet together.

  6. Oh Audrey, those eyes say it all!!!
    So glad the weather is nice for the grandkids to enjoy the great outdoors Deb. They sure are lucky to have such wonderful grandparents teaching them about nature. . . . . . . and feeding them healthy snacks!

    Did you see my chippy post?
    Happy week ahead.
    Mary -

  7. Clara can relate to Audrey in a few weeks; our granddaughters are coming for 3 weeks and she mostly stays in our bedroom away from them! Happy to see a "not-raining" day...enjoy the summer!

  8. They look so happy, when I was a kid I also loved to play in the wood, we were playing together with my "brothers" (exactly my cousins). I would like to come back to this time sometimes. I hope, that my daughter will have the same great childhood like I had! :)
    And you have so adorable cats! It's the same in my home - I have 3 cats and they are always in the center of attention, they know that it the most often means great time and playing with some stuff (mostly not for cats haha) or some food :D

  9. Children and the outdoors really go together! What fun you all have!

  10. Oh yes, a woodlot, a junk-yard, a filled attic or basement... Magical places of adventure for children. And the odd adult!

  11. At least you received a snack, Audrey, at the same time as the children! What is better than that?

  12. They will have wonderful memories Deb....just as you do...perfect!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  13. The look on Audrey's face mimics our Ghost when the grandkids come over. She retreats to our bedroom... and if necessary, under the bed. Great pics, Deb!

  14. Little boys and sticks.....who needs fancy toys when you have an imagination? Love seeing the sweet grandkids having fun, even if Audrey wasn't :( She cracks me up. x K

  15. They have grown so much since I started reading your blog! What fun. Someday our little guy will be old enough to do things like that and I can't wait. Looks like a perfect time!