Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kitty-clients and 'here comes the sun'

This is the fella that I expected would be naturally named 'Socks' 
I'm glad his owner had a better imagination.
This handsome guy with the copper eyes
is Tarby.
I  am now his cat-sitter.

And his little buddy, Theo
He slips in the room without a sound
and waits at your feet to be petted.
Sweet, handsome and very proud of the smudge
on his nose.
Love them both.

The sun came out in all her glory today.
One look around the mouse-house made you realize how little has been done the past week because of rain.
 Time to get back to gardening, grass-cutting and fussin' about.

But first...

Look at that sun. :)
Can I hear a "Hallelugah" 

Audrey warming up her bottom half.

Breakfast with friends was on the agenda on this beautiful, sunny morning.

Mina on the left has been my friend for over fifty years. We went to school together, shared a few apartments together and have remained friends even though for years we lived in different parts of the country. Now she lives twenty minutes from the mouse-house. :)
Cathy has been friends with Mina for the same amount of years.
It was great to have her finally visit. We were gifted with pure maple syrup from her maple trees. So, I know what's on for breakfast tomorrow morning. :)
                                        taken at the mouse-house

Now I'm off to the gardens to weed and putter if the mosquitoes aren't too hungry. And of course, say "hello" to Mrs. Tree Swallow and the two Mama House Wrens

 "Good morning, little Tilly"
 Isn't she spectacular.
I think it may be getting a bit crowded in there. :)

Thanks for sending your sun our way.

hugs, Deb


  1. Halleluja!!! I have a white socked tuxedo cat--his name is Bear. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us.
    Did you go to the link I sent you about lilacs?

  2. My parents' last set of cats were tuxedos- two sisters, one of whom had a couple of daughters before getting fixed. These two are sweeties.

  3. Hiya, Tarby and Theo! Don't let those mosquitoes eat you alive.

  4. Sweet little Tilly! Aw.

    My cat Socks looks just like Tarby....but yes, I named him Socks. ha.

  5. Sunshine is wonderful, but it always shows every last cat-hair floating about or settled. Sigh.

  6. I'm so excited to see your kitty clients like in the past! It was always so enjoyable to meet them and hear their stories.
    The dear little bird is spectacular indeed! Don't you wish you could stroke her sweet head?

  7. Tarby & Theo are truly a handsome pair, so pleased to meet them. I am so envious of your bird residents. This last week I have 2 large noisy crows taking up tree space every morning & that discourages any other visitors. Amen & Hallelujah to the sunshine, long missed but I will take a pass on the forecast humidity of +40 this weekend. ... Mary-Lou

  8. What a fun gathering with friends! And I love seeing your clients and your girls, too. Lizzie's doing much the same -- sun puddling and loving it!

  9. I am so glad to hear that you have sunshine again. A sunny day completely changes my mood. The black and white kitties are so pretty. Nothing makes me smile more than looking at the pictures of Audrey. I love her serious face.

  10. How fun to see your good friends!
    I like those two tuxedo kitties. Do you just pop in and pet them/feed them/scoop?

  11. Such handsome cats - I could love them easily and cuddle them often!
    I will be cat sitting my neighbor's cat Nala again soon - she's a sweetie too but takes a while getting used to me and jumping in my lap for a cuddle as I don't see her often. Perhaps I should stop by more - life is just too busy!

    Sweet birds - and guess what, I have a friend for Simon! Posting on that later!
    Happy weekend Deb.

  12. Oh my!--you caught the little birdie sticking her head right out the window!!----great shot!! the kitties are so pretty and I love that name Tarby, very different! Have a real nice weekend!

  13. Theo and Tarby are adorable ♥
    Meeting friends for breakfast sounds great.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. wow! It sounds great to have a friend for a long time. Actually I don't have any good friends now. I tried to keep in touch with people from the university, but they all have their own lives and they don't have a time for me :( I don't understand what happened, because 2 years ago we were still meeting together and when I born a baby they just forgot about me in few days! They're meeting without me now. I'm not a different person, I don't even like to talk about babies...
    One girl, which I met in my first work broke a contact with me, because she's pregnant now and she's afraid of my cats... They're all healthy, they have a permanent veterinary care, I make a tests regularly, but she doesn't want to even meet with me i caffe, because she's afraid of toxoplasmosis!
    But never mind, maybe some day I'll find real friend... I don't need false friends around me, so probably I shouldn't regret about these situations ;)