Thursday, June 22, 2017

Oh, how sweet the sound.

Sometimes nature will repay us tenfold for any help they receive.
As I worked away at the blasted weeds that seem to appear overnight I spotted something white at the base of the bird-house that, fortunately for us, has been occupied by a beautiful tree swallow and her mate all spring. 
It was a tiny white feather, fragile and soft, that drew me over within hearing-range of the bird house.
As I stooped down to pick it up I heard the baby tree swallows for the first time. They were frantically calling for dinner while mama and papa  swooped about catching many of the millions of mosquitoes that pester us to death here. 
(another reason I will miss them when they leave)
Surprisingly, hearing the babies almost brought me to tears. I felt so privileged after witnessing this family arrive, build the nest and then care so well for each other.
I had read that the nest would be built with many white feathers but never expected to receive the gift of one and the opportunity to hear up close the cry of the babies. It will remain forever a favorite memory of mine here at the mouse-house.

 and then

 This morning I saw this...
Oh my that cute or what!
 Mama to the rescue. 
She arrived with a beak full of bugs. :)

Gotta love summer
it's just beginning. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. That's so sweet, Deb! I have a family of robins outside my bedroom window that I am enthralled with! You know, the Irish say that when you find a white feather it's someone who has passed saying hello.

    1. That's a nice thought, Deb. And since I'm of Irish descendants I will believe that it was my gran. :)

    2. I meant Irish descent. :-b

  2. this post was a "happy" tearjerker. Then the comment from Mountain Mama! (more tissues please)
    My favorite part of the movie Forrest Gump is when the white feather is floating down. Love it. I just close my eyes and
    keep watching it float. Thanks for your posts.

  3. How sweet! I was looking at a hole in my neighbor's tree and a baby nuthatch did that very thing! So precious. Oh, weeds. I am using my hula hoe quite a bit.
    I hope the mosquitos don't go overboard buzzing around you all summer. Boo!
    I love the blue dishes!

  4. Oh Deb, this is just almost like magic. I know they build by you because they know it is as safe and as loved as any spot will be. The feather is both a gift and a treasure. And I adore that big, hungry open baby mouth!

  5. I always believe that its the Goddess telling us she's near and caring when I find a white feather.
    I am constantly in awe of nature of all kinds and totally respect it. Your little birds are wonderful, thanks Deb for the little one poking out of the hole, lovely.

  6. How exciting! I too would be over the moon with the feather and hearing and seeing the babes.

  7. I can just imagine those young ones making quite a racket!

  8. Why am i tearing up hearing about the little birds!!!
    Just makes us so darn happy, I guess. That sweet little head at the birdhouse door is so adorable! Gee, here I go again.....
    My Gran said that the white feather was a sign from a departed loved one that they are with us. Gives me chills, it does. I've never found one.

  9. Absolutely adorable! What a special gift, I do agree!

  10. Now mum and dad tree-swallows' work really begins! The little bird-house is home to part of the cycle of life, the best part.

  11. Lovely photos ! Fascinating is it ?! Our neighbour and friend Mr H has tree swallow boxes and they have white down feathers they collected from the farm down the road in the nests to and the babies are all huddled in the nest right now I was able to get a photo of them in the nest as he opened the box to show me they dont mind the odd peak tree swallows then he has huge Purple martin houses in the back with nests and eggs in both new birds to nest in our area so I am happy about that . I bet you are enjoying all the pleasures of nature like I am this time of year . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  12. Oh how sweet! No nesting areas close to me but still lots of birds at me feeders. That will have to suffice. Hugs!

  13. Oh, this is so sweet! You have a way with animals and they all love you. I had never heard that about the white feather and what it means. That baby bird with it's little mouth open is adorable.

  14. What a sweet post. I am so glad they gave you the gift of a feather and the sound of the babies. Hope you have a wonderful summer. As you said, it's just beginning!