Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Life around the soggy mouse-house

I'm so tired of rain. It's getting a bit depressing. It is pouring today again.

The little veggie gardens are well watered but they really need some sun now. I need to feel that hot sun on my face soon, too. I hear we might see it tomorrow.

I weeded for five minutes today then ran from mosquitoes the size of gumdrops.
                                             Simon's den

Forrest has gone home after a fun time in the country. He doesn't give a hoot what the weather is like; he just wants to be with the retired-guy.

These two. :)

Slowly but surely the perennials are blooming here. They are anxiously waiting for sun, too.

The weeds and grass are taking over.

The little Tree Swallow has been on her nest for over a month now. There has been a lot of noise and fluttering around their house. I'm wondering now if there are babies that will soon be heading out. I am watching from afar. They are shy little birds and walking too close to them upsets the mama and she is apt to fly off until you are gone. We give them lots of space.

I would so love to hug her. I am going to miss her so much when she leaves.
She has been great company as I garden near-by.

The house wrens are a joy to have around as their song is beautiful and they are as cute as buttons.

The 'ladies' are sleeping in their hide-away places as they have given up on sun-puddles for now.
Hope you are enjoying sun in your part of the world

hugs, Deb


  1. It has been raining here in Texas also. Suppose to stop for this coming week. I'm telling you the weather people don't have a clue! They walk out and if it is wet they tell us it has rained :-( Take care of your area and enjoy it. Our grand-puppies went home also.They will be back in about 2 weeks though. Blessings your way :-)Give the animals pats,hugs and kisses from Texas.

  2. Not as much rain here Deb...just the drab cloud for 3 days...
    Do you worry about ticks with your grandpup??
    Hope the sun comes out for your veggies...
    Linda :o)

  3. Love your side pic of Audrey on top of Annie! We have cooler temps today, but the weather guessers say near 90 this weekend...eeks!

  4. Deb here is a post with tips for lilac Bouquets-How to keep the lilacs lasting longer after cut-If you haven't ever read this post -go there- The River it is today's post :-)

  5. No sun here! So much rain and I try to be positive and remind myself of drought times, but!! I think we need some sun on our plants now also. I'm working on more downsizing and its feeling good, but gosh it's hard to find a new home for things sometimes! Hugs!

  6. Sounds like a pretty wonderful life apart from the rain! We're getting a lot of sun and heat here beginning in a day or two and I suspect it will be coming your way!

  7. Terrific shots!

    I'm tired of the unsettled weather we've been having. A few days of decent sun would be good.

  8. Too many rainy days depress me too. Sometimes even one rainy day depresses me. I guess little Simon doesn't come out in the rain. That is a beautiful grassy field the Retired-guy and Forrest are walking in.

    1. Hi Henny: That, too, is part of my grandmother's land now owned by my cousin. We have access to it for hiking and dog-walking. :)

  9. Thanks for the walk about the yard so glad I remembered to wear my wellies. Yes very wet in our part of Ontario - I wouldn't mind the rain so much if it was just a bit warmer. Bundling up to insist on tea on the patio is too much even for me (lol). House Wrens - oh I can only wish ...

  10. Sun, you say? Wish I could send you some of our desert sun. 108º for a high, and 90º at midnight.

  11. You have beautiful birds residing in your yard. They would be very nice company =)

  12. I hope the rains stops soon.
    Your birdies are lovely! You make things so happy for them.

  13. no sunshine here either...raindrops off and on for quite a few days now..and several nice summer thunderstorms, nothing serious. Episodes of hard rain and then gentle showers. It's good for the gardens so I'm not too annoyed yet..ha ha LOL Our tomatoes are almost ready...very big this year and we are very happy as last year NO TOMATOES at all, ha ha

  14. The little bird in her house is so sweet, my goodness. Like having another family member around, like Simon.

  15. Everything looks so lush and green! We had a record-setting wet spring this year, too. I gave up on the gardens, it was so rainy, I couldn't get out to weed and now the weeds have taken over. At least they bloom :) Love seeing all your sweet little companions! xx K