Wednesday, June 14, 2017

In time...the perfect garden

Do you remember Meryl Streep's garden in "It's Complicated"?
I had major 'garden envy' when I saw that. :)
I loved the movie, too.

My gardens don't look anything like the above but I do have some added attractions that make them rather special. And I know if I just keep going, adding my favorite flowers and climbing vines, in time, they will be just right for me.

Adding soaker hoses to the veggie garden.
The potted lettuce is doing fine.

 Wisteria was planted at the side of the arbour and it is really growing well.

Daisy time. :)

I think gardens can tell you a lot about the person who saw a vision and worked many happy hours to bring that picture to life.
A well-tended garden becomes a place to sooth the soul and calm the nerves. A place that draws you in. Your happy place.

Simon loves the gardens near his den and in front of the wood-lot. I'll show you 'his' garden later.

 "Really, Simon? Geesh!"
He likes a well-stocked den and a full tummy. I hope he doesn't explode. He does get a lot of exercise running around the property, thank goodness.

And look who is still on her nest although I think here she is waiting for the male to return so she can have a much needed break.

I think I'm going to cry when she leaves.  I know...I'm 
I truly have enjoyed her company while I weed around the veggie garden. I might also talk to her while I do that. :)

When she leaves her nest in a few weeks I will get back to hoping for a blue-bird to find the house attractive. After-all, that's why I had the house put up in the first place. 

But I will miss her. *sob* :(

There he is.
"Bout time, mister."

Fresh home-grown leafy lettuce from the garden today to add to a sandwich.

Have a good evening, everyone.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm assuming that the last photo is Annie- since Audrey is always "undercover"
    The photos of Simon are darling. You have such a Blessed Habitat. Hugs and Kisses for the kitties and critters.

  2. I love all the pictures! Your garden is beautiful, and those pale yellow Iris! Simon is so cute with his cheeks full of food. He has a lot to pick from there. I have never grown a lettuce leaf that was fit to eat. Yours looks delicious!

  3. Simon is the fattest chippy I've ever seen! cute!

  4. Just remember, Meryl Streep had valuable help in growing her garden in the movie. He's called the 'prop-master', or something similar.

    Simon's a little pig, isn't he? Well, he's the sort of fellow who is always planning ahead. He's probably already thinking of stocking up his pantry for autumn.

  5. All looks perfect in your garden - and with the wildlife settled in you know you are doing all the right things to encourage them!
    I've named my chippy "Cheeky" but seeing Simon I think perhaps that should have been his name, haha! You are definitely feeding him well Deb!

    Beautiful birds!

  6. I just love all your little critters. And that is a very nice long shot of your beautiful garden. That movie garden is in Santa Barbara, California. It's like the Garden of Eden there. Headed there next week. Maybe I'll get some pics.

  7. The daisies are a cheerful sight!

    Simon must already be busy stocking his winter quarters, even if summer hasn't started!

  8. Friends come in all shapes and sizes, birds or human or cat or chippy! I love Meryl Streep in any movie, but I too enjoyed "It's Complicated" because of Steve Martin, who has been in less films recently. I recommend his movies: The Big Year, and Leap Of Faith

  9. That garden in the movie looks fantastic. Wow! But yours is getting there. I will look for that Meryl Streep movie... if only to see her garden. But I'll bet she didn't have a Simon.

  10. Love the daisies! Every year I would imagine my "perfect" garden. Every year the weeds proved otherwise. :(

  11. Your garden is looking amazing, Deb! I think I'll finally have home grown lettuce tonight, things are finally growing with the warm weather we've had lately!

  12. Simon IS giving new meaning to cheeky chappy!
    The little bird found and loved the little house. I don't know bird's lifespan but I do hope we'll see her again next year. Simon too.