Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bird drama and what's in a name.

The rain fell on Friday morning; not heavy but just enough to make all the watering I did on Thursday a waste of time.
Well, maybe not a complete waste.
Standing at the back garden I noticed a hawk soaring in a thermal above the tree-swallow house. Ahhhhh! Both swallows took off after it to protect their nest.  I was in panic-mode like an old mother hen just watching them try to chase it off.  They swooped around it and came up behind staying close together. They circled the property over and over. I stood frozen; heart pounding and basically freaking-out. video. :-b It would have been ugly.

It was a long two minutes but the hawk did leave and both swallows returned quickly to the nest. It was quite a dramatic scene.  Now I will be on watch for it's return as the babies will be ready to leave at some point soon and that's when it gets dangerous.

Oh...and David. yikes!
I may have to carry him home over the stone wall next time.
He's a worry. The hawk's a worry.
I hope my 'ol heart can take it.

                        What's in a name  
  I had decided to give this little property a proper name and
 honoring my grandparents was to be considered in the decision.Walking around the wood-lot, I thought of the ancestors, the fifty or so large maple trees, the spring flowers, the small grove of apple trees that once grew here and the many critters that I have seen roam the land. I made a decision...

                                Fox Grove

                                honoring John & Mary  Fox 

The name feels right even though we have yet to have a fox visit the mouse-house in two years.  I do have some Fox cousins that I would love to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea with. Maybe that can be arranged. :)

Time to find some barn board and get creative. 

But first, I have to weed. :-(

Annie is doing well and enjoys her warm evenings at the window listening to the crickets.
Apparently it helps her to sleep.
And we all know how much cats need help with that. =^..^= 

Those peachy paws. 

hugs, Deb


  1. Glad to hear the hawk-sparrow drama worked out well this time.
    Fox Grove is a good name.
    We are happy to hear Annie is doing well.
    She is a sweetie :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Fox Grove...Yes! Like that, but then l
    love foxes..! Lots of urban foxes over here,
    but, then, if l was a fox being chased all
    over the country side, l'd move into a town
    or city...but, thankfully that's all stopped
    now! No more idiots dressed up in black/red
    coats, funny pants, a little tot, before going
    off to chase foxes, saying...they must be kept
    down..when it's fully established sport! :(.

    Hawks...lovely creature, lovely bird, but then,
    that's what they do in life...perhaps you should
    put a BIG sign up saying...'Hawks Keep Off'..l
    assume they can read..or better still...some close
    ups of Audreys!x face....! oooooooO!

  3. When we visited the town hall the other day to renew our parking ticket and there was a man with a hawk deliberately letting it go to scare the seagulls off of the building, it was not a nice site, also it did nothing as the gulls just landed again once he was gone. That's man for you...
    As you probably know, we feed the foxes each night so I think Fox Grove is a great name for your property.
    So pleased that Annie is doing well.

  4. This very post will help me sleep tonight. I'll imagine I'm in FOX COVE listening to the crickets and stroking Ms Annie's head as I peacefully slip off into slumber.
    Thanks for the post.

  5. What a lovely and fitting name for your property! Oh my heart would have stopped as the hawk swooped and David must stay home for a bit. Get those babies flying and then come back. Hugs to you and lovely to see Annie doing well.

  6. Happy weeding 😏. What's Audrey up to?

  7. Oh I know trying to help the back yard birds keep their babies safe is tiring and frantic at times here to . I love the name of Fox Grove and to dedicate it is a lovely thing to do . Wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening .

  8. P.S Glad Annie is doing better . I love sleeping to the sound of the peepers and crickets lol !

  9. "Fox Grove" ; ) What a perfect name! I'm sure your grandparents must be smiling down at you seeing all the beauty and love you give their homestead!

    Annie is so pretty! I can just imagine how soft those peachy paws must be!

  10. Every estate, no matter how small or large, needs a name. I like 'Fox Grove'. It's too bad there isn't some sort of scarecrow you can put up to frighten hawks but not swallows.

  11. I love the name! It's perfect! Well done, Deb. Those who have gone before would be proud.

  12. "Fox Grove" is perfect!! I really like the name! Glad the little tree swallows were able to shoo the hawk away. Hawks scare me too. We can tell when one is around because the chickens all crazy and hide in the chicken house. Annie looks so pretty. Her peachy color really stands out...and those little paws are so sweet.

  13. Maybe now that the foxes know they have a spot named for them, they'll hurry over. Just remind them that cats aren't tasty.

    I can see why you are worried. I'd be worried for all your menagerie. Stay vigiliant!

  14. A good name for the place!

    Annie knows that eighteen hours plus a day is a good sleep time for a kitty cat.

  15. A very proper name and it sounds so charming!
    I know what you mean about the hunters! My sweet Slate has brought a bird in to me the last two mornings and has wondered why I'm not pleased about his gift! ugh.

  16. Glad to hear that Annie is doing well. We actually had a Fox visit our backyard a couple of times, but haven't seen it lately. Love those little guys. Stay dry, XOXO

  17. Fox grove is an absolutely perfect name for it!! Love it!!you did good!

  18. Years ago, I saw a red tailed hawk resting on power lines across the street, then a small kitty walked right underneath! My heart jumped into my throat, but thankfully that hawk just wanted to watch and not eat. We don't get hawks in our suburbia much, but we have tons of mature trees and landscaping, with the river meandering all over the area.

  19. I've not made the rounds of my favorite blogs during a busy few weeks--have been wondering how Annie was faring. I'm pleased to read that she seems stable and well--a dear cat.