Wednesday, June 21, 2017

David & Bee Meadow Farm Fundraiser 2017

This guy...

David, our neighbour cat who pops over to say "hi" and probably do bad things when I'm not looking. Really...just look at that face. The sound of my voice has him fall over and roll. He likes to sit just outside our garage door so we'll talk to him.

 Then I tell him to get on his way but there is no telling what trouble he gets into on his way home. We don't encourage his visits while critters are nesting but we still love him.

Lots goes on in the day here where I find myself running for my camera only to miss the unexpected moment. 
It's mostly critters or birds doing funny things or Simon appearing out of no-where and doing something chip-munky-cute.

Like today, for instance...A crow came up to the feeder  and grabbed himself a stale piece of multi-grain bread. He walked off with it but dropped it on the ground a few times as if he really wasn't sure he wanted to eat it. It was stale, mind you, rock hard, but never in a million years did I expect to see what he did next. He picked it up for the fifth time, walked over to the bird-bath, dropped the bread into the water two or three times and then happily devoured it with gusto. 
I have a whole new appreciation for the black bandits.

                   BEE MEADOW FARM

My greeter cat that I posted yesterday was won in a silent auction for Bee Meadow Farm fundraiser.
If you haven't heard of this amazing farm owned by Natalie and Gordon from Knatolee's World
you really should pop over and meet these two fabulous care-givers of over 100 rescued farm animals along with a few (17) cats and 4 dogs. Their farm is a haven for these lost (and now found) souls that are mostly brought in from the Cornwall Humane Society.

We had a wonderful time at the fundraiser. Here are a few photos from the day.

 Jam pups

 Here's a photo borrowed from Natalie's fb page.
 drop over for a visit.
There's lots more photos to enjoy.

hugs, Deb


  1. Phew! It is soooo hot over ere...!
    Goodness! The heat has broken all
    records from 1976..year my daughter
    was was a bad winter to...!
    And, rather than put Flossie's saucer
    of milk out on the patio, l put it on
    the kitchen floor...drank it up, then
    sprawled out on the nice cool floor.
    She's black as that's no help!

    The fundraiser photos look great, looked
    like a grand day, but then, they always
    are with animals! :).

    And David...Yes! He has a look of a bit
    of a bad boy...He has that look on his
    face..But have to love them!
    HeHe! =(^..^)=

  2. Why "JAM PUPS"? Thanks for all you do. Yeah, I had already
    witnessed the stale bread/water thing with the black birds.
    I Love ducks- My husband's endearing name is Duck Pappy-that is what his grands call him.

  3. They were adopted through a rescue that saves dogs from a terrible life on the streets of Jamaica.

  4. I love Bee Meadow Farm. Such special people to rescue and love those animals so very much!!

  5. Yep, that David is probably up to no good, but he's VERY GOOD at making us all fall in love with his handsomeness! I've never held a chicken before; now it's on to-do list! I am searching for an iPhone case that hangs on a lanyard, so I can have my camera ready!

  6. I love the photos from your wonderful excursion to the farm but of course, David -- he's who captures my heart. No, I'm not sure you DO want to know what he's up to when you're not around!

    Fascinating about the birds, the bread and the water. Who knew?

  7. David is such a handsome fellow! He looks quite a lot like our two kitties, Sophie & Zeus. How wonderful to see some of the activity of Bee Meadow Farm. Wonderful folks like Natalie, Gordon and you are angels here on earth for all of our sweet animal friends!

  8. Deb, I have heard of that behavior with crows... they are smart little critters, but have never seen it. As for Knatolee's blog, yes, I love seeing her pics and reading her posts. They are wonderful care-givers to their menagerie of animals.

  9. You would have certainly had a blast at that farm!

    David's such a cutie.

  10. Crows are smart! Amazing that he knew how to use stale bread like biscotti!

  11. Wonderful post and photos Deb . I am glad you got to go to Bee Haven farms I follower Natalie's blog as well , all they have done for these animals is wonderful by giving them all a loving safe home . I am just on my way over to their blog for a visit . Oh and yes Crows are very intelligent birds . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  12. These critters are smarter than we realize, aren't they! Looks like the kitty just wants company. - and that CROW! Love that story, Deb!

  13. I started following Bee Meadow Farm blog a few years bc of your recommendation. Thank you. The ups/downs of living with animals is touching. Knatolee 's wicked sense of humor make it one of my favorite blogs. Gail

  14. Dave is SO very handsome (what tabby isn't?!) Crows are one of the smartest birds, although I would put my Blue Jays up there. There is a video online about the crows in Japan that have figured out the crosswalk signals & use to their advantage for getting a particular nut crushed by cars, then the quick pick up when the signals change ... I was gob smacked watching.

  15. nearly forgot ... paper bags over the white poppy seed heads - let's try this again. Mr Man has been instructed not to touch these bags! ... Mary-Lou

  16. What a great farm - know it was a fun day and you look so happy with the animals Deb.

    Mary x

  17. I am so glad you could come, Deb!! xoxox And wow, so many lovely comments here. Thank you!!