Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wild flowers & country boys

You have to be fast to find them as they don't last long in the field; lovely spring wild flowers.
Other than Butter-cups, I do not know their names but the retired-guy says the white ones with the beautiful fragrance are Milk-weed.

I had them on the table for all of five seconds when Annie decided they must be tasted, so up high they went to be admired from afar.

This morning I was outside by 7 a.m., checked on all three nesting mama birds (all look fine), did my patrol around the veggie gardens (no turkey tracks or nibble spots), fed the resident birds, Simon, and popped an apple in the apple holder. It looks like it's to be a gorgeous, cool day. Too cool for June.

Our grand-dog, Forrest, arrived with his over-night bag containing a sufficient amount of kibble, a chew toy, his tugging rope and a good, sturdy leash. He's here for the weekend and you couldn't find a happier dog. :) He's a country boy at heart and loves his long walks on my cousin's land.

                                          And here's another country boy. 
                                   Big, bold and beautiful.
our neighbour cat, David

Oh, I know he's here to do 'bad things',
I know cats
but by the time I'm done huggin' him 
rubbing his magnificent belly,
he forgets why he came over the fence and
happily heads home . 

"See ya, Dave."

Time to get outside again 
while the sun shines. 

I just realized this is 
'Hug Your Cat Day' 
you know what to do. :)
As soon as my ladies wake up
they'll be hugged.
(sorry Audrey)

hugs, Deb


  1. Sure, pretty flowers and all, but I'll be they're nice and tasty too! Happy weekend, y'all!!

  2. I don't know that I've ever seen Dave's spotted belly. It's really beautiful -- at first I thought you might be holding a leopard but then I saw his famous face. Good ol' Annie -- she's back! Happy Sunday!

  3. I have my Grand-puppies for a visit also. They love to come and go outside as they want. They are use to "city" living and have to be taken on walks and go to a dog park! At Grammy's(me) they can play all they want in the fenced backyard-they even get to "chase" rabbits and squirrels.
    We aren't as "country" as you,but,it is better than where they live.:-) Give the kitties a hug and kiss from me.

  4. Ah to have flowers in the house ... I really like the wild phlox blooming in the fields right now. Dave is SO very handsome. Of course my fur girls get multiply hugs everyday but today's will be extra special ... Mary-Lou

  5. David is very cute! Audrey isn't going to like the sleepover. Poor grump.

  6. The wild flowers are beautiful. Here, it is Bickett who eats the flowers. David really is a big beautiful cat. I know Forrest loves being there in the country with you.

  7. Oh, that David is a beautiful cat! His markings are just wonderful!

  8. What a beautiful visitor you had in your garden. I didn't know it was Hug Your Cat Day but I hugged all of them anyway. :)

  9. I'm a city girl but I sure do love the country life now and then. David is a handsome cat. Keep loving on him so he leaves things alone. Have fun with your granddog.

  10. The look on David's face is, "You only THINK I've forgotten why I came a'hunting over here!"

  11. What a handsome boy Dave is....and that Forrest, he's so lucky to get to visit the country!!

  12. David and Forrest are both sweeties. I'm sure Audrey remains dubious of that.

  13. There's something satisfying about seeing children and dogs sleeping like logs after a busy, active day outside.