Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Kitchen Tree

 Just like every year, I am getting anxious to bring home a Christmas tree.

We don't have far to go; just a hop, skip and a jump across the street to the tree-farm.

Ain't this one a beaut?
Christmas 2012
The kitchen tree is done and still up-right. I placed it in the window where I think it will stay safe. *nervous grin* Audrey has only sniffed at it so far. I do believe she is worried about that 'letter to Santa' I threatened.  We'll see how it does by morning.
I expect she will topple it once and then be bored with it. Lily can sit by it all she wants as she has a soft paw and is quite content to sit and stare at it as she has her nightly ration of milk.
She has always loved a little treat of 2% milk in her tiny bowl and she tolerates it just fine. Not all cats do.

                                                          Christmas cup-cakes & golden apples

Cinnamon buns for the morning
Gingerbread men & ladies & cupcakes

A chocolate cupcake queen. Every home should have one. 

And I topped it with a little china creamer.

I enjoy having a tiny tree in the kitchen to look at as I cook and bake. Even the cleaning up part goes easier. So, the decorations are coming out slowly but surely. The phone is also ringing and emails are coming in for Christmas cat-sitting. I have two kitties I am caring for this week and then it starts to get busy. Bring it on!

I'm sorry I did not get a post done yet on what to look for in a cat-sitter. I am looking back to find one that I did last Christmas season and would like to re-post it. This week I will post one for sure.
Please drop over to a beautiful blog called Estelle's at and read the post she wrote on little Molly and her brood of nine. It was so kind of her to spread the world.

Now I'm off to cat-sit.

I'm joining up with
hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, I love the idea of a *kitchen tree*... the cats would too. But it's about all we can do with keeping the main tree in the den intact with the 6 cats climbing the branches, knocking about the ornaments, and sleeping beneath it. The DO love it... but 2 trees... I don't know.

    Love that 2 month pic of Gwyn!

  2. Oh good grief!! I had planned on NO tree this year ... until I see the beauty of yours. haha Every ornament is beautiful and perfect for a kitchen tree. I even see beauty in the Charley Brown tree. :-) Sigh ... I guess I'll dig out some ornaments and maybe a tiny tree ... because you've put me in the mood for Christmas. Thank you.

    Every time I go to McDonald's, I get 5 creamers for my two cats. It's just a tiny amount but they love it nonetheless. I drink skim and they get a few tablespoons of that once in a while too. I've never noticed that it bothers them.

  3. You really have a way with decorating and putting things together. And your cats must be very well behaved.
    This year I'm doing a kitchen tree but
    instead of bulbs, it will have tea that
    come in shiny foil packages. I got
    some thin gold cord and glued it to
    the back side of the foil pack. I
    thought it would be fun to take a
    pack of Christmas themed tea off of
    the tree when I want a cuppa. With
    my large group of kitty vandals, it's
    survival will take some doing.

    1. I wish you had a blog Kari as I would love to see this little tree. It sounds really fun. I am hoping to find some tea-cup ornaments this year now that I have a kitchen tree.

  4. I have a kitchen tree too (a small fake tree). I decorate it with miniature Christmas cookie cutters & bows. It's so cute!

  5. Dear Deb,
    very nice the Christmas tree and your decorations from last year's very pretty.
    Especially much I love your new header, made ​​great.
    Greetings from Tatiana and the boys

  6. I am always amazed that you can have delicate 'pretties' about. Perhaps I have a particularly mischievous and destructive tribe of felines sharing my house.

  7. I love your kitchen tree. The ornaments remind me a bit of mine -- lots of foodie things, and mine has teapot ornaments, too, and cookie-like things. Not real ones, alas. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Audrey minds her Ps and Qs!

    I'm looking forward to retrieving Christmas soon. I'll get through Thanksgiving first, but then it will be up like elves!

  8. Wow your Christmas decorations are gorgeous. Unfortunately, my back won't allow me to go all out anymore - wish it did tho because I do miss it. We'll have a tree, but but even the size of that has been pared down.

  9. I love having a Kitchen Tree and hope to put it up this year. Charlie loves the trees and sleeps under them. He is pretty good about not touching the ornaments!

  10. Hi Deb, I do love a kitchen tree. You have got me thinking about what our rascal Gremmie will do with our tree. xo, olive

  11. Generally speaking, my parents' cats would tend to sleep below the tree, or hide behind the presents, but they wouldn't go climbing or knocking down ornaments.

    Audrey looks in intense concentration!

  12. That is a beautiful kitchen tree! I love seeing Sweet Lily by it having milk treat. She is still so pretty.

    That is great that Estelle posted about Molly on her blog! I hope some of her readers will come by here and want to join in helping that little girl and her family. Blessings upon all who offer help to those innocent ones needing aid.

    Lilly, WA, USA

  13. I like your little kitchen Christmas tree Deb. I usually have my tree up by this weekend but I'm just not in the spirit yet. Hopefully soon.
    xo Catherine

  14. Love your kitchen tree ! My cat Jinx will play with the bottom decorations , so i be sure to put a few unbreakable ones down there for him. Jinx likes the smell of milk but doesn't drink it. Weird huh? My hubby will get a glass of milk of Jinx is not happy until he has had a whiff of it then goes about his business..... Cats! He makes us smile all the time. Hugs! deb

  15. Wish I could have a kitchen room!
    Been thinking about heading down to the back room, and start looking thru my Christmas stuff...We get our tree for December 1st...and enjoy the whole month!
    This weather is certainly not inspiring....hope our wee cottage is still standing!♥
    Enjoy your week, Deb...

    Linda :o)