Friday, November 22, 2013

One little Santa snuck right in.

I know it's early and I did tell family that Santas come out in December but I snuck this guy into the kitchen tonight.
I need his expertise when I bake for Christmas and I'm starting to put things away in the freezer now.
He has a kind face. I like that.

Audrey WAS sleeping...
and then not.

I figured Santa was toast. She has to inspect the additions to our home but she considers this kitchen decoration absolutely useless. She tried to eat the basket contents but gave up quite quickly when it did not meet her standards. Plus she heard  "No, no, no Audrey."  Which really means nothing to her but she'll not look at him again.

One of my readers made a wonderful suggestion if you are cat-sitting for travellers. If the cat or cats are shy and do not like to be handled, sitting down on the sofa and reading a book out loud gets them used to your comforting voice. She said this worked very well for her with a shy cat.  I did have a cat years back that I would read out loud to and this would lull the kitty off to sleep. It is a great suggestion and one for you future cat-sitters to make note of. "Thanks Christine". 


  1. The kitchen Santa is very cute !
    Hope that Audrey leave him alone !

  2. What kind of Santa doesn't bring cat treats? What is the world coming too?
    Jane x

  3. Santa and Audrey in the kitchen with you. Sounds divine! I am glad you brought out the Santa a littler earler than planned - so nice.
    Lily, WA, USA

  4. Cute Kitchen Santa! I hope to have mine out next weekend! I'm waiting until after our Thanksgiving on Thur! Oh Audrey, you are like Charlie he inspects EVERYTHING that come into this house!

  5. Your Santa is lovely..Sorry about the kitten..I pray each day for the momma and her babies..Your Audrey thinks like a human being..but I think she will be very very good..Happy Thanksgiving day and Happy Hanukkah too..we celebrate both..ciao!X()

  6. Oh...I love your little Santa...complete with his own basket!
    Enjoy your weekend♥
    Linda :o)

  7. What a darling Santa--cats do love the holidays!

  8. Oh my I love this handsome Santa! Especially his outfit.

  9. It's starting to look Christmassy over here!
    xo Catherine