Monday, November 4, 2013

Tea-time Tuesday & Matchy-matchy

These two green cups were custom made for me years back.
I like the heaviness of them and love the colour. The handles are solid and big. I don't have any dishes that match in any way, shape or form but they do look nice with my cream-coloured tea-pot.
Fresh butter tarts and ginger peach tea were a great match for a tea break today.

Isn't this the sweetest tea package.

I think a tea-pot this shade of green would be a nice added piece so I'll be keeping my eyes open for one on my 'junkin' trips.

Speaking of eyes and keeping with this lovely shade of green...
Beautiful Dominique was showing off her peepers today. She wanted me to see how her mom has matched her bed-spread to Dom's lovely green eyes.
"Aw, you are picture-perfect, Dom."
Hope to see you again soon.

The most common eye colors in cats are in the middle of the eye color spectrum (greenish-yellow to gold). The colors at the ends of the eye color spectrum (deep green or brilliant copper) are usually seen only in pedigreed cats who have been selectively bred for dramatic eye color, but they may sometimes appear in non-pedigreed cats." 

I'm joining Sandi at for Tea-time Tuesday.
hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    Your cups are a lovely shade of green and a teapot in that colour would be really nice! Oh, she's a pretty kitty. Dominique's eyes and mine are almost the same colour! Thanks for joining me for tea today and enjoy your week.


  2. Hi Deb,
    Your hand made teacups are so unique. I love that little package of ginger peach tea. I must look for that flavour. Your tarts look yummy too. Thanks for visiting me and yes, I will show you more of my china cabinets. Have a wonderful week. Karen

  3. Dominique is gorgeous! Love the teacups too.

  4. Dominique is such a beautiful cat. And I've always liked that name.

    A butter tart is always more than welcome!

  5. What I like about these two cups is the thumb piece, very practical. Tarts are a weakness of mine, especially pecan and do pair well with several cups of tea.

  6. I really like the mugs...they beg to be cradled by chilled hands on a cold day.
    Jane x

  7. We love the little rests on the handles too! They make holding the cup so comfortable especially if the cup is large or heavy.
    As always, Domi is picture perfectly gorgeous.

  8. Oh Deb! LOVE your new header! What a great painting... so perfect.

    Love Dom's green eyes. All three of my cats have different coloured eyes; Dakotah the black cat has yellow, Sheba the grey tabby has green, and Tawnee our Ragdoll has blue!

  9. Deb, we had a black feral (that came from a litter of black siblings) and he had the most brilliant copper colored eyes!
    Also love your new heading watercolor pic! Did you paint it?

  10. Oh those tarts! Yum yum yum!
    Dominique is beautiful!
    xo Catherine