Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Do not disturb

I have little woodland beasts that I put here and there at Christmas.
 The deer and squirrel are my grand-daughter, Riley's,  favorite so they sit on the table for now. But this post is not about my decorations, really. It is about my cat, Annie. I did not have the heart to disturb Annie's favorite resting spot today as the sun shone through the window and covered her with a sun-puddle. So, she stayed and joined my decor.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this cat? And...I have no doubt in my mind that she knows it.
She just has to look into my eyes and I, in turn, see her peace, her joy, her love.

She is an old soul in a three year old body. She requires a lot of my time and I am happy to give it. And without a word of a lie we share a love of china. *stop laughing.* When I bring dishes out of the cupboard she must inspect them and, with a gentleness of a fawn, walk around the fragile pieces and then sits to watch me play. She will keep me company for as long as it takes.  I guess we share a fascination for pretty things.

I so enjoyed a post today at You will love Cathy's posts on her love of family, friends and some special dogs. Today she showed her gallery of favorite photos. It is lovely the way she has put them together so she can stop and admire them at anytime. You will love her writing and if you are a mom you will want to read today's post. Her photographs are beautiful. Drop on over and have a peak.

I'm coughing like a fool today while I drag myself off to visit little old Twinkle. Cats don't care if you have a cold; they want dinner.

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie looks utterly beautiful in these shots.

  2. Annie is no doubt my favorite "woodland animal". She is very, very sweet. I am so glad she found her home with you.
    Lily, WA, USA

  3. Annie is a sweet soul and truly deserved to find peace, safety and contentment with you.

  4. Annie,has the most gentle face..I'll admit, I'd be kissing it all the time!
    Jane x

  5. Annie is a gentle soul who has a deep connection with you.

  6. Annie is a very special little girl ... and a lucky one!

  7. She is so lovely and look so peaceful while she sleeps .She could not have a better home to live and people who love her ,and she feels it i'm sure!!

  8. Sweet pictures! Love her in that basket, cats find the oddest places to make their own. You can tell your a cat sucker, of course youre not going to move her spot until its time to eat! Cheers, take care of your cold. Kate

  9. Beautiful pictures, Deb, and I LOVE your header! I saw the photo of Audrey 'chattering' at the tree - yes, she is Baby's soul sister! Not sure what we'll be doing for decorating with Baby's antics! Stay warm!

  10. I just finished reading your article, and really enjoyed it, thank you. You can see some fun cat books at where you can also hear the cat stories for the same price as a paperback book, and they are fun to listen to.

  11. Annie really does love that basket , doesn't she ? Obviously you & Annie are kindred spirits, and she is such a delicately pretty cat. I am constantly amazed at how much our 2 cats contribute to our lives, especially in simply being there and choosing to snuggle with us, follow us around, and they also give me so many laugh-out-loud moments every day. Laugh-out-loud moments are priceless as far as I am concerned. Plus, there are the many times I have taken time to appreciate the way the sun captures the cat's fur, or eyelashes & whiskers, and again I am astounded by the beauty of the every day gifts in my life. ( cats, dogs, chickens, my family,....) I can see you DO see this Deb, and capture some of the moments in your pictures & posts.

  12. Oh! Oh! Wow! Wow!
    Please can l follow.....Pleeeease!
    Picked your Blog up through Maria..
    Rosy Tinted Spectacles....! :).
    Will take a longer look when l get back..
    Thankyou.......! ~(^.^)~

  13. ~ Hello there! It's kittie heaven on your lovely blog...and I could stay all day! Thank you for the kindest words over on mine....I am coming back as A CAT IN MY NEXT LIFE! i I have decided just this week...Eating sleeping and dreaming of chasing butterflies sounds such fun!! ~ i must add I would put my order in for an owner like you or I, though...!
    I was drawn also to your 'Shetland sheep dog, Kane...He made me smile soo!
    Sending hugs and twinkles from my corner to yours Maria x