Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A new project and 'our girl' Audrey.

A very lazy bunch here today.
I had a day off from cat-sitting so I decided to tackle a few things inside. But first, I had to brush and walk the dog, feed the menagerie and make some veggie soup while only twice being interrupted by the same dog who is now reaching a geriatric age and continually stands in front of the pantry door and barks for treats. "Ugh!" At least the soup hit the spot. 
It's been cool, rainy and we lose our daylight by 5:00 now. I've been thinking of little Molly who is now off the street and comfortably waiting out the birth of her kittens. Where would she have found comfort if it wasn't for the kind woman who temporarily took her in to her home two weeks ago. She is now in a foster home found through the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network. They are wonderful people with big hearts.

Indoor projects are taking over out-door activities.
The eight dining-room chairs are getting a new look with burlap seat covers.
I'm hoping there will be enough left over to make a runner for the table.

There is always lots of help around here.
"Audrey...what are you doin'? Have you been into my lip-gloss again?"

Maybe I should make a jumper for Audrey with the left-over material.
My daughter, Jess, always says she looks like a boy and carries on like one, too.
"We'll have to do something about that, Audrey."

"How Rude!"

"Has anyone seen my big-girl panties?"


  1. With our gang, that burlap would last about 20 minutes.
    Audrey, you can always bring a smile to our faces. We love you.

  2. Can you hear the laughter coming from Texas? Thank you Deb for making this a great start to the day! Precious!!!

  3. That Audrey has the cutest face, the most expressive mouth!
    I love your new header........did you make it? It's awesome.
    You actually reminded me that I was going to try weaving with some burlap.......I'll have to get to it.

  4. Understand about the geriatric dog... as we have a 20 year old cat that *knows* she gets almost anything she wants now and walks into the kitchen demanding a treat quite often these days. Most of the time she gets it... but sometimes I have to say, "Molly, really? You just had some cream !" (she loves a teaspoon of cream every once in a while)

  5. The chairs will be great! And Audrey rocks!

    Your new header is just great! Love all your menagerie of cats!

  6. Oh I can just see her in 'clothes' .....NOT!

  7. I love your snoozing felines =)
    I can't even imagine Audrey is feline type clothes.
    Perhaps a pretty ribbonon her head, though!!

  8. Audrey, your evil twin Louise has broken two of my bowls so far and is working on a third. She is a hellion. I KNOW you two are related!!!