Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little trees and lambs

                        Although lambs are often a symbol of Spring they
                   always make me think of Christmas.

The little trees are displayed in my small french country cupboard
along with this sweet print that I bought in the general store in Pakenham.

One of my woodland creatures peeking through the window.

So, it's beginning to look a little like Christmas around here.
I'll be adding this little guy from my Easter stash to the cupboard. He has an expression that says to me
 "Oh, do carry on with the decorating."
"Well, ok."  So I added two more.

I just love lambs but it's probably best that I stick to rescuing cats.

Thank you all so much for your supportive comments and donations to help little Molly and her brood of nine. If you would like to help her cause please donate to this rescue.
She is in one of their wonderful foster homes. Every little bit helps. I'll keep you updated on them as I hear from the rescue. So far, all is going well and there is an email in my previous post from the president of The Ottawa Cat Rescue Network keeping us up to date on mom and her nine babes. Thank you.

This week I'll be posting a list of things to look for in hiring a reliable cat-sitter for your precious cats while you travel.

And in closing, I spent some time Christmas shopping with 'my girls.

Looks like we tuckered out little Gwyn so home we went for nap-time.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Beautiful lambs and trees. And your sleepy little lamb is adorable.

  2. Your cupboard Christmas decorations are just lovely =)
    I am so glad to hear that Molly and her new family are being well taken care of now. I hate to think of her and those helpless little kittens out in the cold right now.Blessings on her foster Mom!
    Enjoy your family Christmas shopping :)

  3. I watched my first Christmas movie yesterday!
    Jane x

  4. Something very sweet about a lamb. Your collection of trees looks nice in your hutch. The perfect frame for your sweet print.

  5. Yup getting into the Christmas movies again . I love your header . Lovely decorations . Hope all goes well for Molly and her kittens !

  6. You certainly go all out for the decorations!

  7. Good idea adding your Easter lambs to your Christmas displays -- I like that!

  8. I also love lambs and sheep at Christmas......also watching a ton of movies now too!!! The print is beautiful as are your fur babies!!!

  9. I'm very fond of lambs myself and yours are delightful in their little forest!

  10. Hi Deb! I have been talking about Molly so often since learning of her rescue and now the kittens. We are sending in our donation tomorrow and hopefully, they will receive more. I am so thankful for these angels on earth who care for the precious animals. I love your post today...a girl after my own heart with the sheep and the vintage Christmas trees....also those little grandbabies! Love to you!

  11. Your little cupboard is looking so sweet and full of Christmas! I donated again to help Molly and received the most wonderful email from Louise letting me know how the kitties were doing. These babies are my Thanksgiving/Christmas project this year!

    Oh little Gwen you are so cute!

    hugs, Linda

  12. I adore your little Christmas trees collection it´s so cute!
    I love Christmas celebration and everything related to it! I used to listen to Christmas songs during the year I also have a lovely book with Christmas stories which I love reading and of course, my favourite one Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol♥
    Oh, that little lamb is a sweety! It has tender eyes!
    Gweeny is such a beauty! She is growing fast♥

  13. You make me realize that I need to take down the Halloween decorations and start putting up Christmas... not sure that I'm ready.

  14. Hello Deb,
    I love lambs too and I also think of them at Christmastime as well as springtime. Your little trees and lambs are so cute displayed in the cupboard. And I must tell you that I love your new header. Very cute, you and the kitties! Thanks for sharing at my HOME.


  15. I adore your lambs! They are perfect for your Christmas!
    Lily, WA, USA

  16. Deb, I love little lambs! They go so perfectly with your trees and I love the painting too. I have been trying to find a primitive carved sheep to display by a sheep painting I bought from a local artist Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Forgot to mention how cute your girls were!