Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My flock arrived

A very special parcel arrived today from Washington.  It was just last week that I sent you over to visit a beautiful blog at Well, if you did (and I hope you did) you would have seen that Kathy makes and sells the most beautiful little sheep from her own sheep's wool.
Look at these gorgeous little creatures. I was so excited to open this box.
Aren't these adorable!
And Kathy added two felted jingly balls that she made for all the spoiled cats here. 
These are great.
*zooooom* Oh...there goes Audrey now.....
I haven't seen her run like that since I found her rummaging through my jewellery box.

I'll be keeping a flock of three and the others will end up in some very special peoples' Christmas stockings.

Thank you so much Kathy. They are even sweeter in person and I will treasure mine forever. They will be joining a few other little lambs in my cupboard.

And guess what the box has now become?
"Oh Annie, you kill me.  She sends her love, Kathy."

hugs, Deb


  1. Those sheep are exquisite! Wow! She is very talented. What a wonderful gift.

    Your Annie is so adorable!

  2. So in love with those little sheep but Annie in a box is the best gift ever!

  3. Deb I had to order a 'flock' for my home also! I bet I get a 'Charlie in the box' also!

  4. I love felted animals and should make a jingle ball for my spoiled little gal. What a lovely flock, XOXO

  5. Your new flock is too cute. How wonderful. Well done, Annie!

  6. What adorable sheep! Won't they be fun to play with along with the dishes!

    And Annie is the Sweetest!

    Lily, WA, USA

  7. Awww...those are so cute♥
    Cats always go to the empty boxes, eh?
    I was wondering if you could recommend a cat sitter in the Burlington,Ontario area....
    My daughter has 3 cats, and wants to plan a trip south in February...
    Any info would be greatly appreciated...thanks Deb!
    Enjoy your evening♥
    Stay safe from the storm...
    Linda :o)

  8. They are cute!

    The boxes must be claimed post haste, of course...

  9. Thank-you Deb ! I love seeing Annie appreciates the box. She probably smells Blizzard and can tell he inspected it and the little sheep before I sent them off to you. Bliz might even have tested out the wool balls too...