Friday, November 1, 2013

"Welcome, November"

"Welcome, November."  I imagine I'll have to step-up my tea-drinking now that the weather is getting colder. Oh, what a shame.
I brought out my favorite Fall tea-pot and had a cup of blueberry tea by The Good Tea Co. So yummy.

Add a banana-nut muffin with cinnamon-sugar on top. Oh, that's good.

Tea is Drunk to Forget the Din of the World - T'ien Yiheng

"I always enjoy caring for my kitty-client, Smudge. Look at this face. You just want to snuggle her up. And I do.

"Release me, you crazy cat mauler."
 She's not all that happy with her feet off the ground but will tolerate it from her cat-sitter.
We had lots of fun playing and I hid some treats for her to keep her busy which she found every time.
Hope to see her again soon.

And here's a pretty 'cat in window' that posed for me last week.

Hope your first day of November was a good one.

hugs, Deb


  1. Smudge is a cutie pie.
    Tea sounds amazing. I had a mug of pumpkin spice brulee --yum!

  2. Happy November! Smudge is a gorgeous tabby.

  3. Smudge is a cutie! Charlie does not like to be held at all...he wants those feet on the ground!

  4. Colder months means lots of cups of tea and hot chocolate for us here . Oh Smudge you are so pretty . Have a good weekend .

  5. We had a very rainy day, but still balmy. Cup of tea and a cookie or two was a great afternoon break. XOXO

  6. "Cat Mauler". That's what I aspire to be, you lucky, you!

  7. Smudge, you are so beautiful. What gorgeous eyes you have!

  8. All these cats are so lucky to have you visit and love on them. Smudge is adorable.
    I've just found a couple of new teas myself. One is called Sultry Chai and the other is a Peppermint & Lavender blend. Beautifully fragrant.
    We've had the most beautiful spring day here (one of the first in over a month) so I have planted out 6 tomato plants for summer eating.

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  9. A friend brought me some blueberry tea from Maine ... can't wait to try it. Smudge is a cutie and love the expression on the face!

  10. One of our sweet babies that I was very close to years ago was a gray tabby named GiGi. She would lay down stretched out on the sofa next to me and pat my face.

  11. The kitty in the window is so lovely as is your photo of her. The reflections of the tree and sky and the elegant black together are just amazing. Really love the colours. Lots to read into that photo.
    Smudge is too precious, as always.
    Love that nose.

  12. Muffins look yummy!

    Your kitty client has the sweetest face :)