Sunday, January 26, 2020

Thank you.

Thank you so much everyone for your thoughtful comments on the passing of our Annie.
You are all so kind.
It's still very hard as she is missed every minute of every day.

Wilson being silly.

It has been two weeks and Wilson 
still misses her, too
But it's getting better every day.
I am so happy that we made the decision to adopt again before Annie's passing.
Cora has been a big help to keep Wilson busy.

Cora keeps us entertained.
Her favorite spot to sit is in the loft looking over her domain.

I'd be having a heart attack
if the couch wasn't right below her chosen spot.

I'm getting better; finally stopped coughing and my energy is returning slowly.

Sitting by the fire being entertained by Cora as she puts all her energy
into tracking a fly that made the bad decision to call our home it's refuge.

"yep...I will"

It's been snowing all night and it is a winter wonderland outside.

Our grand-dog, Forrest was here for a sleep-over and spent a good part
of the day running around the wood-lot.
He loves it here. :-)

And our resident birds are being well cared for mostly by the retired-guy while I
rest up.
This cardinal has made Fox Grove his home this winter.
We welcome him with open arms.
Cardinal and Junco

We will soon be wrapping up January.
Here's to a happy month ahead.

be kind,


  1. Your a diamond Deb..a diamond..!
    As l've read your lovely posts over
    many, many months, even as a grown
    man, l do shed a tear sometimes...
    and l've kept photos of Audrey, who
    has her own folder, and Simon of course,
    always looked forward to the..Just Cats..
    heading on my profile list..! :).
    But now we have Wilson and Cora to look
    forward to..already their characters are
    shinning through..Lovely! God bless!x

    1. I totally agree with everything you have written here Willie - Debs posts are a gem. And Yes! Now we have the delightful Wilson & Cora to look forward to. xx

  2. Cora is so pretty! Do you always have grey kitties?
    I am glad you are feeling better. Keep resting.

  3. So glad you're feeling better. Oh my gosh! I love every picture you have here. Cora with her little paws hanging over the banister waaay up there is adorable...but then the pictures of her behind the vine are simply beautiful. I love that window! And Wilson's ears! How funny. Your kitties love high places, don't they. Would love to sit in front of that wood stove. You have a beautiful place.

  4. So pleased to hear you are at last getting better dear Deb. With Wilson and Cora keeping you busy with such antics I know you will be good soon.

    So you have a male cardinal visiting at last - so happy about this. Hopefully he'll bring a mate come spring. They mate for life and stay together year round. We have about 5 pairs now sitting out there in the fig tree - and of course lots of babies in springtime They are so colorful in the winter garden - and especially will be in yours with all that snow!

    Hang in there dear - sending warm thoughts your way.
    Mary -

  5. Those are good perches for cats to be keeping an eye on things from.

    Cora and Wilson are good company for you right now. The same for Forrest.

  6. Yay for feeling better!!
    Your place looks so cozy with the fire.
    Cats are great entertainment as is the wildlife.
    Your cardinal is very pretty.
    Nancy ans the cats(JUlie and Georgia)

  7. Oh that Cora is the most beautiful little girl! I do know well how intent they can get on a catching fly. I love that picture of Wilson on the cat scratching couch - he clearly knows he is the most handsome boy around! Your wood stove looks so warm and comfy and that tea kettle is gorgeous.

    I do hope you are feeling better. My husband and I had a coughing thing for the past three weeks and he got worse and finally went to the doctors and found out he has the flu. When your resistance is down with one infection it makes it easier for you to catch others. So please be careful and take care of yourself Deb!

  8. Three cheers for the enchanting Cora. She's so darned pretty! I love that fly photo. The hanging plant, the background, Cora... perfect. She is a little daredevil, isn't she?

    I'm glad you are recovering. I'm sure the grieving hasn't helped in speeding that process. Soon you'll be back to your birds yourself. Hang n there -- don't rush it. We don't want a relapse!

  9. Did Cora get that sky-raisin?
    It's so wonderful to realize that January is almost over, because February brings us that much closer to SPRING!

  10. 💛💙💜💚

  11. Warm and happy wishes to you. Gail