Friday, July 26, 2013

Update and scrumpdillyishus little cakes.

Thank you for all the nice messages regarding my sister's surgery. She is out of the operating room and recovering now. During surgery for a hip replacement, it was discovered that she also had a cracked femur. The femur is the thigh bone that extends from the hip to the knee. This explains the terrible pain she has been in lately. It looks like her hospital stay will now be longer. I don't have all the details and am anxiously waiting to hear what could have caused this fracture. I am hoping the worst is behind her now.

Annie is sporting a lovely new look today.
Since she cannot indulge in the treats that were left at my door by my good friend and amazing baker, Sue, she quickly snatched the ribbon to show off to the others.  

Just look what I enjoyed with my tea.

These are home-made lemon-lavender Madeleines.

If you pop over to and visit Sue you will find the recipe. She has quite the story to tell about these little cakes.
They are so delicious they should be illegal.
Dried lavender
The sun is shining and the kitties are enjoying the sun puddles.
I'm off to kitty-sit then hopefully hear from my sis.

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie, you look divine, dahling!
    Jane x

  2. At least the surgery went well.

    Annie wonders how long she must put up with the bow...

  3. Why, Annie is so lovely! So fashionable. :-)

    I hope your sister feels better soon. My mother broke her femur a few years ago by merely twisting--she stood and turned without moving her leg and it broke in what the docs called a spiral break. It was caused by osteopenia. She recovered well, though, as I hope your sister will.

  4. My mother did the same two years ago. She had broken her femur closer to her hip before that. This time she broke right below the pin on the femur. She totally broke the bone in two pieces. They put a rod down into her leg and pinned it to her hip. She was driving in 5 weeks.......and she was then 84. It was a horrible break.

  5. Wishing your sister a fast recovery from her surgery and cracked femur. Praying for healing. I am glad she will have a great nurse when she comes home!
    Annie - you look so sweet with the bow... couldn't it have lasted a little longer?! lol Probably not!
    Lily, WA, USA

  6. I hope that your sister will be feeling better soon and thank goodness they found the major cause of pain.

    LOVE the bow look - and the cakes look so yummy!

  7. Now the source of the pain has been discovered and remedied , your sister can start to feel like her self again. Do they think the fx was the cause of all of the pain and less so the hip?Goodness, a cracked femur. Who would have expected!
    Doesn't our little peach lady have the aura and presence of an old time film star. Elegant, composed, and ready for her close up. Gosh, we love her.

    1. What a perfect way to describe our Annie. An old-time film star...

  8. Annie, you look beautiful!
    ...Glogirly keeps staring at those Madeleines!
    ; ) Katie

  9. We hope everything is going to be alright with your sister.

  10. All my best wishes and soon recovery for your dear sister Deb. God blesses her with the best nurse-sister!
    Annie, that ribbon matches the colour of your soft fur and with or without it you are always a sweet beauty♥

  11. I just caught up with your blog and read about your sister. I'm glad the surgery is over but what a surprise about the femur. No wonder she was in pain. A longer hospital stay is regrettable but at least she will feel much better when she is released. Continued good wishes from here.

  12. Oh ugh, I can't believe she was walking around with a cracked femur!!! Sending good wishes her way.