Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hot tea

No matter the weather, I still want hot tea.
 I have tried to love iced-tea, many times, but it just doesn't hit the spot. So hot tea on a hot day suits me fine.

This is my newest tea-cup.& saucer.
Looks like Audrey is my company in the dining-room today.
Will she notice my dessert?
Goodness Audrey, you aren't too shy today. 
"Hey - no one said you had to look."

She was very busy grooming herself in the window.
So much that she didn't notice the cream on the strawberries.
Silly kitty.

That's fine. I get to relax and enjoy my tea in peace.
That's a first.
btw...A Green Tea I really loved, (just add honey).
I'm joining Sandi at for HOME.
hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely photos ! I am the same a hot cup of tea is the best drink in the house ! Thanks for sharing ! Storms on the way here for us ! Have a good day !

  2. Hi Deb
    I like your new teacup, and it goes well with your blue and white teapot. Now if that was my dog up where Audrey is, the whole dessert would be missing.
    Any flooding where you are? Only some cottages in low lying areas by the lake here.

  3. And what a dessert it is!

    Grooming does, after all, need to be done with great care and patience...

    And I prefer hot tea. Earl Grey if possible. Never developed much of a taste for ice tea.

  4. I had to laugh--I'm just the opposite. I drink iced tea all year.

    Audrey must have better manners than Sissy. She's always interested in my food!

  5. I do love your blue and white! What a great arrangement!

  6. Deb, your new blue tea cup is perfect! I love it! And blue and white goes so well with strawberries, don't you think?
    I received my cat dish you sent, along with an amazing tea! Only it seems you forgot to include strawberry shortcake!
    Love Audrey's foot all splayed for grooming.

  7. I noticed the cream on the strawberries. Love the blue and white!

  8. Ooooo! Desert looks lovely! And, with it's colour, so charming on the blue and white plate. The new cup and saucer are really beautiful. I'm not usually fond of gold with my blue and whites but I think yours looks wonderful! I love it.
    P.S. I guess I do like gold because Booth's Real Old Willow is my favorite pattern.

  9. Your new teacup/saucer is beautiful. And I too love hot tea anytime... I think it's a comfort thing. But DH makes wonderful iced sweet tea with mint too! And I also love good fresh hot black coffee! Maybe there's a time and a place for it all...?

    But I am going to look for that London Tea Company Greet Tea Jasmine... and try it. Thanks

  10. Beautiful teapot and cup and saucer! Lovely blue!

  11. Your blue & white china is beautiful! I can almost hear Audrey's purr....

  12. Not sure which photos I love more... the cats or the teacups! That cream with berries looks delicious!

  13. Deb, your new teacup is really gorgeous and I like the blue teapot too. I'm like you, I prefer my hot tea over iced tea. This time of year, Hubby likes iced tea. As usual, Audrey brings a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.


  14. I had a cup yesterday in spite of it being summer. There's just something so relaxing in a cup of tea and I needed that, XOXO

  15. Wow, silly kitty indeed! Mine have cat-radar when anything like that is put out... actually they surround me everytime I eat.

  16. Have I got some beautiful 2013 honey for you when I see you next! And not even granulated. :)

  17. Cups and saucer are good, eyes of catty is beautyful, and i see the cream with strawberries, aaaw it looks to tatsty :) i love it