Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spider alert

 After Natalie and Gordon from left yesterday I found two spiders in the bathroom.
Well, that just won't do. I summoned the cats together to have a discussion on their duties and how they are slacking off during this heat wave. "How are we ever to entertain if I can't trust you to do your jobs around here." Most of the felines gave me a "Hmph" but good ol' Sierra took this very serious and went around the house pointing out the ceiling bugs. Yes, two more had made it to the 9 foot ceiling without one swat of a cat's paw. She got a treat of canned salmon before calling it a night.

 How to find spiders in your house
                          ...   just follow the 'keen' cat around.

note...I just take them outside. I can't squish 'em.

hugs, Deb


  1. Okay, it was me. I released a bag of spiders in your house!

    KIDDING!! But I do love spiders and I'm glad you don't smush 'em. Excellent work, Sierra!

  2. Hilarious :)
    Oliver cat likes to point out any moths that have managed to enter the house !
    Sweet kitties...

  3. Charlie seems very blase about, oh I squish em!! Sorry!

  4. Jacob disarms spiders...what I really mean is that he pulls their legs off.We need a sign warning spiders.
    Jane x

    1. Oh, do post that sign when you've made it. :)

  5. Lizzie bats them around, then licks her paw -- and I suspect, the late spider!

  6. If that cat is staring intently at the ceiling or floor, I know there is a bug there. Maeve eats them and I just consider it the cycle of life. Of course, the chickens cruise the yard looking for bugs and worms. I just can't bring myself to throw them a worm when I find one in the garden. I always hope it made it to safety.

  7. "you don't expect US to take care of that, do you?"

  8. All my life I was scared of spiders I don´t know why,finding one it´s a very difficult moment for me but I try not to harm them cause I know they are useful creatures and have their purpose in life but they are so creepy! Last year we have a "beautiful one" living in the garden for several weeks between two was quite big and had beautiful colours in it. Some of my neighbours come to see it but one day it dissapeared maybe a bird ate last I felt sorry for her!
    Bravo Sierra, good work!♥
    When finding a spider some of my cats stare attentively at it if the spider is still and if it moves they chase it for a while but that´s all except for Vatu (she passed away last September) she was really a spider buster!