Sunday, July 28, 2013

A message

Something to think about...
These plastic bottle holders end up in landfills everyday. Birds and wildlife (including feral cats) unfortunately are found eating at these dumps and are very vulnerable to whatever hazards are thrown there.
These holders are often found caught around their necks and cause much stress to them. I personally know of someone who works at a local dump driving truck and has had to rescue many frightened animals from these plastic holders. Some have to be trapped and sedated to have them removed and then released again.

Please, before throwing these in your garbage, cut each and every section so that there is no way any part of an animal or bird can be trapped inside. It only takes a moment to make a difference.

"Can you imagine how scary that would be?"

Thanks for dropping by and reading our message.

Deb & Audrey


  1. Great message Deb. Unfortunately we think there are two many people in the world who do not care about what they buy and then discard. We don't buy anything with the plastic clips on, but feel bottle for buying plastic bottles, although we do recycle.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. I totally agree, having worked at a wildlife hospital I saw the damage that these things can do. I always pick them up if I see them in the road etc.

    Linda xx

  3. Thank you for reminding all of us about the importance of ensuring that we don't throw those bottle holders out uncut - so important!

    Thanks for the picture of Audrey as well :))

  4. A good message. Plastic hasn't done us many favours, has it?

  5. Great message! Thanks Deb and Audrey!!!

  6. Good message, Deb! We have Waste Watch here on the Island and everything is separated by categories. However, there would still be a few who take the lazy way out and not do this. Our tourists too wouldn't know how this works. Hope you and your kitties are enjoying your Summer!


  7. The only thing I ever buy that comes with those dreaded plastic holders are the small bottles of my 'comfort coke'. (It is the one thing I crave when I'm not up to par...) Anyway, I always cut up those nasty plastic holders! It only takes a moment to do this.

  8. Absolutely. We always cut them up before throwing them away. That's sad that so many animals are being hurt by them.

  9. Thanks Deb and Audrey!

    Will do!

    Lily, WA, USA

  10. Good point about the plastic rings...

  11. I ate those things and I always snip them!! I just saw a photo of a skunk in Toronto with its head stuck in a Tim Horton's Ice Capp cup. Fortunately someone was kind enough to get the cup off the poor skunk's head.