Sunday, July 7, 2013

A letter to Annie

OOPS...sorry that this post showed up and now I'm not sure how to delete it properly without losing it entirely. This was a post from when I fostered Annie & her three kittens from the local shelter in Sept. 2011. I'll just leave it up here for you to read if you are interested or like to look at kitten photos.
I am finally correcting some photos that disappeared on my blog last year and I guess I hit publish instead of post.

Dear Young Annie:
What a pleasure it has been to know you. From the moment I saw you in the cage with your 3 kittens, only a kitten yourself, I was amazed at your tenderness and ease. Your world had been turned upside-down and you were sick and scared and yet you allowed me to pet you and caress your babies. I think you knew I was there to help you.

I will always remember this experience of having you in my home to spoil and care for while you raise three rambunctious, illegally explosive poop-filled kittens.

How quickly they grew.

 You did a wonderful job in spite of being so young and frightened.

I have spent many hours in the last 2 months observing you and your strength and kindness with your little ones. And cleaned poop.

"We didn't do was Audrey" 
What a wonderful mother cat you have been. Even as they grew to roly-poly, sharp-teethed lunatics you only once growled and walked away. I understood...we all had our 'mommy dearest' moments. (Oh! we didn't?)

Thank you Annie for enriching my life and keeping my mind focused on your beautiful family. I needed you right now to fuss over and care for  instead of worrying myself into a puddle over my travelling daughter.

We will be strong together as your babies leave one by one to fill another's life with happiness, love and friendship.

I will be sure that you are taken care of for the rest of your life and never see the inside of a cage again.

That, I promise you, Annie.

Well, we see how that all turned out.  And I'm happy it did. I can't imagine not having Annie and Audrey in my life. 

Love, Deb


  1. I'm so glad this reposted because I hadn't read it. It's beautifully written and full of the love you always show for animals. Isn't it funny how we start out helping them and then realize we were the ones that needed them?

  2. Into every life a little mischief must fall...or a lot!

  3. Aw Deb, this was fun to read again and since we know how it ended....all is well.

  4. I too am glad this was reposted as I hadn't read it before either. What a wonderful letter... you are each a treasure to one another.

  5. What a beautiful post. I'm all teary eyed.

  6. You are such a sweetie pie, your love and devotion to kitteh cats and doggies is so evident, if only others in our world were as loving and kind as you what a lovely world this would be and a tea cup lover and tea lover to boot, each time I read your blogs daily that is, I am so inspired to do more for kitteh cats abandoned and needing love, I help at a no kill shelter full of kitties and some doggies too, I walk the doggies and love on the kitties, bringing treats and sitting with them, cleaning their pens and making sure as I can to help them out, they really do a lot for me..have a wonderful week, ciao with love and much admiration, ciao!X()

  7. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely Mummy cat and her darling babies.

  8. Sometimes reposting something is a good thing. Quite a tribute to Annie!

  9. Audrey has such a distictive nose/face. I can pick her out right away. She looks almost lioness like - maybe some Siamese in there. I'm glad you kept her and her sweet mom.

    1. Robin - I think she does have some Siamese in her as her body is much longer than Annie's and she is taller. Her face has always reminded me of a lion.

  10. what a lovely moving letter to Annie...what a special sweet cat she is! Meeting each other was a blessing and Audrey was and will be a beautiful naughty kitty♥