Thursday, July 25, 2013

bed hog

Traditional cat beds are normally shunned in our home. Our felines wait anxiously for discarded boxes to appear, preferably large, shallow ones that are easy to stretch out in.
Last evening, I looked over to see Lily testing out the Santa Cruz berry box I lay in front of the stove.
I could not imagine a cat to look more content than she.
This morning her beloved Ed joined her.
He is a bit of a bed-hog, wouldn't you say.

hugs, Deb


  1. Yes he is!! Such a guy! Love the pics Deb!


  2. Those lovely oldies are a sweety! Some of my cats also love discarded boxes to sleep in but others prefer chairs or the bed especially Yuy├║ who waits for my husband to get in bed and rest by his side es una mimosa!

  3. True love is sharing a bed and letting the other be a bed-hog! When my grand-dogs visit, they prefer dog beds. But my cat, Charley, much prefers his cardboard box lid.

  4. Awww cute. We love that they still like to share together. It is like me and Poppy sharing the bed. She tries to be a bed hog, so all night we push each other around.

  5. Your oldsters are so gorgeous. Love this.

  6. Lily doesn't seem to mind! So sweet

  7. He is! I love Ed and LIly and am so glad I have gotten to know them "in the fur", so to speak. I love all your wonderful kitties.

  8. Who cares! He's so cuddly!
    Ms Stella & Thst Woman