Saturday, July 13, 2013

Annie's excited...

"I'm prepping myself for an awesome few days. Apparently, there will be two more laps to land on and four more hands to stroke my soft fur.
This is very exciting news. I expect there may be a few extra hand-outs as they devour all the goodies off the bar bq, too. I'm so excited I could scream."

"Company's comin' and I'm revved up."
"Ummm...Annie, you are forgetting that you are trying to slim down. Well, to put it better...I am trying to slim you down. No handouts."
"Ok, Deb. I'll just prepare to sit on them while they have tea. That's good, too."

"Perhaps I won't mention the visitors to the young one. She doesn't need any advanced notice to kick into gear with her unexpected antics. She's a scalliwag, ya know."

"Who, me?"

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  1. Enjoy the company, Annie! Purrrrs!!!

  2. Oh visitors , how fun ! Bet these tow will be up to all kinds of things with them lol ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing !
    Have a good weekend !

  3. I'm sure you can con anyone into giving you treats, Annie.

    And Audrey is a scalliwag?

  4. Annie, have a good time, and don't let Audrey take over all the laps.

  5. Such a cute post and fabulous photos. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Deb.

  6. Aww it is good that your girls enjoy visitors. Poppy would go outside and sit in the garden if visitors arrived.

  7. No snacks, Annie... I am so sorry! But you will get to enjoy laps and pets! Sweet!
    Have a great weekend, Deb and the whole family,
    Lily, WA, USA

  8. Oh Annie, Charlie and I are on a slim down diet also! Just enjoy the pets and cuddles!

  9. A lovely series of photos and such cute cats!

  10. Adorable! Enjoy all the extra laps and hands!

  11. Annie always has such a sweet expression. Audrey seems to have lot of different looks for different occasions!

    I hope you won't mind if I write here about a semi-feral cat I just lost. One of her kittens came strolling up to my door about 12 years ago and I took him in. His mother showed up with 2 other kittens soon after that. I didn't bring them in the house but fed them outside and the little family just stayed around my porch. The kittens were friendly but I could never even touch the Momcat. We did manage to trap her and have her spayed but she has stayed very wary. She knew I meant FOOD and she knew she was safe on my porch. She would come near me at mealtimes and stay in the little shelter I cobbled up for cold weather, and loved to sleep in the sun on the big bale of straw I'd get every Fall. Lately she would even be waiting on the path to the house when I got home from work, and meow at me, but she still wouldn't let me pet her. This morning she didn't come for food and I found her laying out in a flowerbed. I think she must have been paralyzed because she let me touch her but looked like she wanted to run. I petted her a little then just because I wanted her to know a loving touch just once. I thought about calliing the local organization who rescues sick and injured animals but I knew she'd be terrified of them. I decided not to, and when I came back from church she was dead. I don't know if I did the right thing, but at least she died in safe and familiar surroundings, and will be buried here next to her son who died last year. I just wanted to leave a little memorial of her life, the little Momcat Who Came to Stay at my house. If you don't want this on your site I guess you'll delete it, but I know you have a heart for stray cats and I wanted to share her life with you. Thanks for listening.

    Marty from PA

  12. What a sophisticated lady Annie is. What a beautiful complexion she has :-).

    LOVE your tea service! I have one called 'English scene' by Broadhurst, which looks a bit like it :-)

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  13. Our little Peach! A young kitty but an old soul; the wisdom of ages in those luminous eyes. She's so beautiful. I love seeing her photos and hearing about her.

  14. Sweet Annie: how lucky those visitors are sharing lovely moments with you! Enjoy all the pampering and caresses muñequita linda cause you deserve all the love in the world ♥
    A very moving story from Marty from PA, life is hard for ferals above all if they are shy or afraid of everything but Marty did all her best for this Momcat and her kittens...a lovely tribute too♥

  15. Sounds like there are some happy times happening at your house!
    xo Catherine

  16. Annie-how can you resist such a face. I would manage to 'drop'some tid bits for you.