Monday, July 22, 2013

Not only Annie had fun...

we all did. Annie and me...well, we cooked up some veggie delights for dinner. These are zucchini boats.
 She couldn't understand why on earth I wouldn't put meat in those zucchini boats but then she realizes we human folk are a little odd at the best of times. She just enjoyed the music and the chatter in the kitchen.

The retired guys' sister, Donna and husband Rick came for a few days from the Kitchener/Waterloo area. We showed them around Carleton Place, Almonte,  Pakenham,  (remember that amazing bake shop)

No, we could not pass this up.
 & the little town of Ashton where we had dinner at their local pub.
The Ashton Pub

The food was fantastic.

We took a drive to our property.

Back home, Annie was the star of the show. She squeezed herself (no easy feat) in between our guests every chance she go and tested out their laps. She made sure she was close enough for an out-reached hand to pat her.

I know she was sad to see them go.

Safe trip home guys.

Oh boy, it was hot, though. Some days it was over 40 degrees. Too hot!

Satan called and he wants his weather back. He can have it.

Annie is curled up in a  box and she will sleep the night away. Audrey, well, poor Audrey spent most of the last few days up high...looking down and 'vanting to be alone.' She will never be a social butterfly. Now that the company has left she is whining for attention. I missed playing with her, too.

There is a storm brewing and it is to hit our area tomorrow. I do have some cat-sitting to do so I will get that done, make sure they are all safe and sound and then hunker down for the night.
Distant thunder has been heard all evening. Ahhh.....summer!

This post was written on July 17. I am still having computer issues.....AHHHH!
Hope everyone is good. Miss dropping by. 
hugs, Deb


  1. I hope the computer issues get sorted out soon.

    It's been awhile since I've been over to Pakenham. I believe I know the bake shop of which you refer to...

  2. Lovely photos ! Looks like all had a great visit ! Hope you can get your computer issues sorted ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. Sounds like a great visit! Have you noticed a new store called, The General in Almonte? It is owned by a friend of mine and features all Canandian artists, potters, glass blowers and jewellery makers. You might enjoy it.If you get a chance to go, tell Richard, Sophie in Vancouver says hello!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. =)Love your icecream head photo!
    Hello, Sweet Annie ♥
    What a love bug!

  5. It looks like everyone had a blast!

  6. Sorry about your computer problems Deb! But it looks like you have been keeping yourself busy!
    xo Catherine

  7. Our sweet Miss Peach. She's making up for all of the loving she never got as a kitty. We absolutely cannot believe Audrey is not a social butterfly! We always thought Annie would be the reserved one and Audrey outgoing one. Kisses for all the kitties.

  8. Sorry about cyberspace problems. Glad Annie was happy with all the laps! Stay cool!


  9. I love Annie and the way she enjoys company, she is so sweet! On the contrary Audrey doesn´t like it at all... in spite of being mum and daughter they have their own styles and personalities. That´s what I love from cats!
    Lovely pics from your family stay and lovely pic from those Zucchini boats they look delicious! Round zucchini are very popular in Argentina and I like them a lot, I prepared them in tarts and tortillas (kind of omelette) or carved in half stuffed with vegetables and cheese or muzzarella on top!